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TIS Press Release June 2016

Telematics in Practice

TLT makes the switch to TIS

Frank Michel, Niederlassungsleiter und Prokurist der TLT Berlin GmbH

Bocholt, June 21, 2016

TLT Berlin GmbH which specializes in cargo transportation, equips 80 transport trucks with a mobile telematics solution from TIS, replacing an existing system. In addition, TIS delivers six hall scanners that support the seamless tracking of all packages and efficient claims settlement. The transition should be completed by early October. "The project team of TIS and my contact Mike Ahlmann are working at a fast pace, so I'm optimistic about the agreed start date," said Frank Michel, branch manager and authorized representative of TLT Berlin GmbH.

In the decision phase TIS convinced especially because of the already existing and proven interfaces to the existing IT environment of TLT. The forwarder is using a transportation management system (TMS) by active logistics and an indoor video surveillance system from DIVIS. "TIS has good long-term contacts with all project partners, making the cooperation considerably easier in case of questions and any problems," says Michel.

At TLT "TISLOG mobile PSV3" will be used, which is suitable for handheld computers with the operating system Windows Embedded 6.5. The software also allows the parallel operation with an app, keeping the forwarding agency flexible in the future. The solution at TLT ensures for a seamless order management between TMS and driver. The tours will be sent directly from the scheduling software to the mobile terminals of the type Zebra MC67 and supplemented by the drivers with the current program status. TISLOG office is the online interface for the collected telematics data from the mobile terminals, which are transmitted from there automatically to the TMS.

Another essential part of the project are the six new hall scanners ordered from TIS that are connected via RFID technology to the video surveillance system of DIVIS. The goal is the complete tracking of all packages. In addition, the system facilitates the settlement of claims, as the warehouse employees can document any defects with little effort using a standardized process with photos.

The key element are the hall scanners of the type Zebra MC95 with an integrated camera, which are supplemented by essential modules from TIS. These enhancements include a casing for active transponders and an ergonomic pistol grip. Both are not offered by Zebra. This turns the device into the only one available on the market that has scanner, camera, RFID detection and the required ergonomics for logistics.

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