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Telematics Case Study Zufall logistics group

Parallel into the future

The Situation

The Zufall logistics group, based in Göttingen, has nine locations that handle more than 4.6 million shipments a year. The transport service provider has been working with TIS GmbH from Bocholt since 2001.

The company wants to constantly develop the information technology in use further. This is especially true for the transport management system (TMS) and the connected telematics solution.

The Task

For the modernization, among other things, the mobile order management will gradually be converted from a Windows-based to a hardware-independent solution with ScanPal EDA50 devices from Honeywell (Android, HTML5 browser). The software for the mobile devices again is provided b the TIS GmbH, in the form of an Android app.


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The Project Implementation

An important prerequisite is that the new and old solution can run without any problems in parallel operation. After all, around 300 local traffic drivers randomly have mobile data terminals that are exchanged at different times as part of fixed scheduled depreciation cycles. Thus, in the first step after the conversion in the spring of 2017, "only" 120 devices with the Android app were purchased from TIS.
Parallel operation is ensured by the server services offered in the TIS computing center, which are grouped under the name TISLOG Office. Office acts as an online interface for the telematics data from the mobile devices.

The modular system of TIS GmbH makes it easy to put together the services that are needed individually. At Zufall, this includes, for example, a translation tool with which the messages sent by the dispatching arrive in the respective native language of the driver.
The compact Scanpal EDA50 handhelds were selected by a small group of drivers in a field test. The device fits in any pocket and the large 5-inch touch screen with Corning Gorilla glass is easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions.

The Advantages

hardware-independent documentation of pickup and delivery
optimized workflows through integration of individual services
dates and delays in overview with TISLOG office
direct availability of order information and documents


Since the system transition in the spring of 2017, the processes in local traffic have improved significantly at Zufall. In the current year, the owner-managed company will replace another 50 of the old devices with the new Honeywell ScanPal EDA50. In 2019, the entire public transport fleet is planned to be switched to Android. For Adrian Kehr this is just another milestone on the way to further optimization.

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