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TISLOG Software Overview

TISLOG logistics software
high-performance for your mobile order management

Wherever goods flows must be monitored and controlled, TISLOG offers a powerful and flexible solution. Systematic Telematics and mobile order management: With our mobile software your drivers are easily integrated into your IT infrastructure. TISLOG integrates all logistic processes of your company, from order processing through the seamless goods tracking through to complete fleet management.


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Manage all mobile devices at once

Convenient control and management of your mobile devices, work processes and product flows from your headquarters with TISLOG office.

Continuous monitoring of vehicles & shipments

Keep track of each vehicle in your fleet and all goods flows with TISLOG office in your headquarters at any time.

Optimal capacity utilization of tours

A safer, faster data exchange between driver and headquarters ensures optimal mobile fleet and order management.

Quick response times

TISLOG always gives you overview of the status of orders, thus you can respond promptly to any problems.

Privacy made easy

Legally compliant solutions for the integration of sub-contractors in charter use into your mobile order management - no data storage on the mobile device.

Documents always at hand

Fully automated and paperless data and document circulation in the vehicle, storage and disposition.

TISLOG Software - Optimized processes for satisfied customers

TISLOG logistics software on the go

Transport logistics - software for mobile workers on the road

With TISLOG mobile your drivers have full access to all functionalities for mobile order management: digital signature, automatic group acknowledgment and much more - and they can timely communicate relevant data with the headquarters.

TISLOG logistics software for handling centers and warehouses

Intralogistics - scanning, photographing and documenting the warehouse

Transit store or warehouse - the warehouse management software TISLOG intra always gives you access to all the functions you need for efficient workflows in intralogistics: barcode scanning, damage documentation, interface control and much more.

TISLOG logistics software for the truck

Truck Telematics - Full control of your vehicle fleet

Reliable and automated transfer of your GPS, tachometer and FMS data with TISLOG telematics: Access all relevant TELEMATICS functions such as positioning, driving time, working and rest periods for drivers, fuel consumption, data for expense reports or minimum-wage-evaluations.

TISLOG logistics software for your headquarters

Office Solutions - Central access to all information

Control and management of all mobile computers, workflows and product flows easily from your headquarters: TISLOG office ensures effective fleet management and optimized storage logistics.

Mobile software for every platform

Android |  Windows Embedded 6.5 | Web-based

By default, with mobile TISLOG mobile and TISLOG intra we hold precisely tailored configurations ready for the road and for warehousing. In addition, a number of add-on modules make our TISLOG software the Swiss army knife of telematics solutions that can accurately and seamlessly be adapted to your individual requirements.

Individually and flexibly adaptable

Add-on modules for the road and the warehouse

Many intelligent add-on modules complement our intelligently configurable basic TISLOG software:
Driver dispatching, activity report, virtual loading equipment dispatch note, processing of pick-up orders and much more. Our software is scalable - and can be adjusted to precisely suit your individual requirements.
No matter, if you just want to optimize only part or all of your logistics processes.

Zusatzmodule für die TISLOG Logistiksoftware

Successful logistics with TISLOG solutions


TISLOG logistics software - Increased efficiency

More efficiency - lower running expenses

All documents always at hand, whether on the road, in the warehouse or in the office. TISLOG makes it possible - completely paperless, also in terms of signatures. This saves time and money during order processing, as well as documentation and archiving.

Quality Control

TISLOG logistics software - better service quality

Higher service quality - fewer complaints

TISLOG gives you a clear overview over the entire supply chain of your transports, your drivers, vehicles and loading tackles. This increases the service quality of your services. The result are satisfied customers.

Optimized Disposition

TISLOG logistics software - less costs

Better cost control - more sales

TISLOG relieves your disposition. Comprehensive communication features, as well as fast and reliable transmission of job information ensure seamless mobile order management and optimized tour planning.

More information about the TISLOG software

Find more information in the product brochures for our TISLOG logistics software and on the TISLOG product website.

TISLOG in Practice

In case studies learn how our customers are more successful, can operate more efficiently and competitive with TISLOG solutions.

Logistics Solutions

No matter if cargo or freight transport, retail, CEP or in special transports - TISLOG Logistics & Mobility offers solutions for every area of logistics.

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TISWARE Hard- & Software

TIS offers selected devices that simplify, accelerate and optimize your workflow.

All mobile devices from our portfolio are ideally suited for use in the demanding everyday environment of the logistics industry.

TISPLUS Accessories

Always one step ahead:

In order to increase the efficiency of your processes under the name TISPLUS the TIS specialists develop a range of tools and services that relieve your employees and support you in your daily business.

Information for our customers

TISLOG is the logical next step in the development of our PSV3 software system based on new technologies

Flexibility is essential looking at the many different platforms available today. Our software products grow and adapt with these requirements. We have connected the technological leap to a new name.
In its name "TISLOG Logistics & Mobility" better than ever expresses our focus on combining logistics and mobility - both nationally and internationally. If you are an existing customer of TIS and are currently using PSV3, nothing changes for you.
Because PSV3 remains part of our portfolio under the new name "TISLOG mobile PSV3".

Are you currently planning on switching to a newer device generation?

Then perhaps our new option TISLOG mobile enterprise is the best solution for you - based on the latest technology, with proven features of PSV3 and other features.

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility - logistics software overview