Company Profile

Passion for Technology

"We tackle every challenge together, have a very open information policy both internally and externally, and rely on trust, not control in the team."

Markus Vinke
since 2016 Managing Director of TIS GmbH

Specializing in telematics solutions for mobile order management

Founded in 1985 by Josef Bielefeld, right from the start the telematics provider was focusing on a combination of expertise, tangible experience and passion for innovative technologies. A combination that convinced: The company TIS GmbH has become a technology leader in the field of radio communications.
In 2008, Peter Giesekus joined the management board. With over 20 years of experience in the telematics industry and as one of the pioneers of mobile communication between trucks and dispatching he is a perfect match for TIS.

In October 2016 Josef Bielefeld handed over his part of the management to Markus Vinke. The graduate in electrical engineering has been an employee of TIS GmbH for nearly 15 years and initially gained experience as a software developer and project manager before managing the department for software development from 2012 to 2016.

Innovation and a strong team

We have more than 60 employees. Every one of them is highly trained and has a high degree of personal responsibility. An important qualification for the constructive look outside the box.
Visitors at our site in Bocholt immediately feel the “spirit” that lives there. Working at TIS is characterized by the enthusiasm for technology, the awareness of belonging to innovative leaders in the sector, but also the will to find really workable solutions to everyday challenges of our customers.

Pioneer spirit & visions

All of this means that the TIS GmbH has shaped and influenced the development of mobile data communications crucially from the beginning and will continue to do so. Thus we provide active knowledge transfer, for example including partnerships with universities and the business start-up center InnoCent. We also conduct research in our own departments in order to continuously develop new telematics solutions and products to bring our customers forward. Our software is currently in use in 50,000 active devices (in vehicles).

The TIS GmbH is
company of the year 2016

Telematikanbieter TIS GmbH aus Bocholt ist Unternehmen des Jahres 2016

In May 2017 the TIS GmbH was honored with the award "Company Of The Year 2016" by the city of Bocholt.


"The extra investment in purchasing the Zebra TC8000 for the turnover area has been one of the best investments!"

Sasha Dietrich
Head of ITS Support / Service Manager
ITS - Integrated Services | Streck Transportges. mbH

"The same applies to the additional investment in the TC75x in connection with TISLOG mobile Enterprise!"

Julian Seuberling
Project management disposition / vehicle fleet | Streck Transportges. mbH

Kundenlogo Liegat

"We like working with TIS because the devices recommended by TIS meet our high standards of quality and robustness. The driver software TISLOG mobile Enterprise impresses with its simple operating concept."

Ralf Löw
IT Manager
Liegat Logistik GmbH

"The pistol grips developed by TIS for our scanners are invaluable."

Ingo Müller
IT Manager
Speralux GmbH

Raben Group - Client of TIS GmbH

"We enjoy working with TIS, because TIS is a reliable project partner who quickly implements professional solutions tailored to our growing needs."

René Lüthen
Managing Director
IT Manager / IT Head Office Germany
Raben Services GmbH

Bursped - Client of TIS GmbH


„Everything the employees of TIS integrate into the hardware works out very well - no rough edges.“

KG Bursped Speditions-GmbH & Co in Hamburg

"To us the TIS is a competent service provider, who convinces us of his reliability and flexibility again and again even after many years of working together."

Steve Kolmich
IT Manager
Forwarder Sander in Itzehoe

Gebrüder Weiss - Client of TIS GmbH"We opted for PSV3 because TIS always strive for staying up-to-date with their system and at the time of the evaluation the product came with the best value for money. We also already had very good experience with TIS and their predecessor "Psion" (the scanner with laser pen)."

Roland Werenka
Prokurist | Head of IT-Services Operations
Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Gustke Logistik - Client of TIS GmbH"We enjoy working with TIS, because we appreciate the personal contact with the TIS staff that has grown over many years. We perceive the cooperation as very trustful. TIS is a very innovative partner supporting us optimally with the ever-increasing requirements in the field of transportation and logistics. Especially in terms of new projects TIS assists quickly and competently."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT
Forwarder Heinrich Gustke GmbH

TIS Kunde BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH"The Zebra MC65 / MC67, recommended by TIS, have long proved their worth in the harsh part-load workdays of our truck drivers. Looking back, we can say that this was a good recommendation. On average we only get a device back in the IT department once every 4 weeks, to clarify any problems. In addition, thanks to an integrated camera, it is possible to quickly make photos of the shipments. These are then automatically linked to the shipment information in our forwarding program."

Guido Corsten
BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG