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Telematics Glossary


Telematics Glossary A - C
Autonomous Driving to Courier Services

In our glossary for telematics and logistics you find the most important terms from A like Autonomous Driving to C like Courier Service briefly explained. Please click on a technical term of your choice from the list below to open the definition text.

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Autonomous driving (also automated driving)

Autonomes Fahren im TransportwesenEfforts to make autonomous driving a reality have been going on for decades. The development of technologies for automating motor vehicles, i.e. the ability to drive, control and park without the intervention of a human driver, began in the 1990s.

It will be years before autonomous driving determines how we move from A to B regularly. But automatic brake assistants, spacer sensors, lane departure warning systems and parking aids are already standard in many modern car models. And autonomous driving as a future technology also offers promising prospects for commercial vehicles and the transport industry, which is why, for example, since 2015 in Nevada (USA) under the leadership of Daimler, the first test tracks with autonomous trucks have been operated on public roads.

The way to fully automated driving leads across several stages, which will also be the basis for future legislation. 

Initial situation

The driver is driving, steering, accelerating, braking, etc.

Stage 1

Assistance systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for distance maintenance, help with vehicle operation.

Stage 2

Partial automation, for example automatic parking, lane keeping function, acceleration, braking, aided through assistance systems (e.g. traffic jam assistant). The driver constantly monitors the system and can intervene at any time.

Stage 3

High automation with the driver present. The driver is still involved in the driving process, but does not have to constantly monitor the system. Functions such as triggering the blinker, changing lanes and staying in lane are carried out automatically by the vehicle. The driver can do other things, but the system prompts him to take the lead if necessary. Autonomous driving in this form is technically feasible on motorways. Accordingly, the legislature is working towards approving vehicles of this level within the next few years.

Stage 4

Full automation with the driver present. The system is permanently in control of the vehicle; the driver is only there to monitor and intervene in an emergency. If the system can no longer handle driving tasks, the driver will be asked to take the lead.

Stage 5

Autonomous driving without the presence of a driver being required. Human intervention while driving is no longer necessary. The system regulates everything itself. The person simply sets the destination and starts the system before the journey.

In transport, digitization has long played a pioneering role, as service providers are constantly under pressure to streamline their processes, make optimal use of assets and plan precisely.
Therefore, the development of autonomous driving in the commercial field is being vigorously advanced. Levels 4 and 5 will sooner or later be significant factors in transportation. This means that telematics systems for digital communication and data processing and, at the same time, the interaction of hardware and software are playing an increasingly important role in the networking of transport vehicles.

The telematics systems of today, which are meanwhile able to almost completely automate the transport processing, form an important basis for the networking and control of the independent driving of tomorrow.

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