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Telematics Case Study KNV

One million books per night - book wholesaler KNV

The Situation

As a market and innovation leader with 1,600 employees in Germany the book wholesaler KNV delivers to more than 7,000 bookstores in over 2200 locations in Germany every day. About 320 daily trips - approximately 270 in Germany - with an average of 4,500 stops and 40,000 Colli cannot be jeopardized by unexpected staff absences and other disruptions.

The Task

The book wholesaler was looking for a solution that allows faster responses in the delivery process and a better overview of the outstanding deliveries.
Fast rearrangements on-site by drivers as well as by dispatchers were explicitly encouraged.

"We wanted to offer our customers a highly reliable control system for the reception of goods," says project manager Künzell.

The Project Implementation

The solution conceived by TIS included the introduction of Motorola mobile devices equipped with the PSV3 software (since 2015 TISLOG), a GPS module, camera and scanner. These are connected with the central office via GPRS throughout the entire delivery process. Current position and tour data, as well as status changes of all shipments are now available at any time.
Rearranging of trips can easily be performed with the well-arranged and easy to use mobile software by the drivers themselves.
The rapid data exchange always keeps the dispatchers informed in time about any changes.
The central interface PSV3-InfoDesk (since 2015 TISLOG office Infodesk) makes the numerous data, such as up to a million reported losses in one night, for example, available in real time.
Intelligent algorithms of the PSV3 software ensure easy filtration of schedule deviations and jeopardized appointments from the flood of information.


The Benefits

paperless documentation of delivery and claims
optimized workflow through fast rearranging and tracking of jeopardized appointments
better overview, flexibility and reliability
direct availability of order information

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