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Telematics Case Study Gustke

Constantly Changing

The Situation

The forwarding company Heinrich Gustke is an international logistics service provider with a company headquarters in Rostock. The family company, founded in 1933, employs 239 people and operates a truck fleet with over 100 vehicles.

The company has been working with TIS GmbH from Bocholt since 2012.

The Task

To simplify matters, a single telematics solution is planned to be used in both local and long-distance traffic. In addition, graphical load scanning should replace the terminal emulation previously used and simplify the process for the driver.

The Project Implementation

The TISLOG telematics solution was installed on a total of 145 Zebra TC75 mobile computers for drivers. The solution is suitable for local and long-distance transport. This way the drivers can always work with the same system.
In addition, the graphical load scanning from TIS was integrated, which enables paperless processing of local transport shipments. The process can only be completed once all shipments have been scanned without errors. If the wrong package is scanned, the driver receives a message directly on his device. As a result, TISLOG load scanning offers a high level of security and avoids errors.
In order to save even more paper, the digital departure control was also introduced by TIS. With this, the drivers are guided through a menu in which they have to work through various points in a row.
In addition, truck-type telematic boxes were installed in the trucks. Through this, the Heinrich Gustke forwarding company now receives various data, such as truck tracking, driving style assessment as well as driving and rest times. These are clearly displayed in the TISLOG office Infodesk web portal.

The Benefits

One telematics solution for both local and long-distance traffic
Graphic load scanning
Digital pre-trip inspection
Transmission of various data thanks to the telematicbox truck

Downloads for this Case Study

Pressemitteilung Gustke | TIS GmbH

Press Release Gustke (2021)

Press release as a Word file and images for the press release


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Case Study Gustke (2015)

Case study Gustke Logistik


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