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Environment and Social Commitment

The commitment of TIS GmbH

Environmental issues as well as social issues are very important to TIS GmbH.
Therefore, the company has been involved in various projects for years
and tries to expand its commitment each year.

We support the following social projects

TIS GmbH Charity | Kalangala e.V.

Kalangala e.V.

The organization was founded in 2004 in Bocholt and helps children to develop an independent living perspective through education.

For more than a decade now we from TIS are committed to the organization. For example, we do not buy Christmas presents for our customers and use the money instead each year to make a donation to the organization. We communicate that in our Christmas cards to our customers.

At all our events, anniversaries and festivals, we also hold a great donation box for Kalangala e.V. ready.
All guests are requested in advance to waive gifts and flower greetings to TIS and instead donate directly for Kalangala e.V. or throw cash in our donation box.
At the annual Christmas party TIS employees also like to take the opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win small gifts. The redeemed money is generously rounded up and donated by TIS.
The project is accompanied by the owner's family of TIS, family Bielefeld.

TIS GmbH Charity | Kalangala e.V.
TIS GmbH Charity | Sindiso e.V.

Sindiso e.V.

Sindiso supports social projects in developing countries. For several years now, the support focuses on the project Umbrella Widows and Orphans in Rabuor / Kenya, which was launched by locals. The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of many children and widows.

The project is being supported by TIS since 2015.

TIS GmbH Charity | Sindiso e.V.
TIS GmbH Charity | Büngern Technik

Förderverein Büngern-Technik Rhede

The nonprofit organization was founded in April 2009, at the initiative of a parent and relative advisory board. The Association is volunteer led and works with a minimum of administrative burden.
The association's goal is to assist in times of scarce public funding and to support the workshop in the realization of projects that are not financed by public funds. The organization thus helps to ensure the good quality offers of the workshop for individual support of people with disabilities.

The project is being supported by TIS since 2015.

TIS GmbH Charity | Büngern Technik
TIS GmbH Charity

We support also the following projects

TIS GmbH and the family Bielefeld also support the following projects

  • Aktion Mensch
  • SOS-Kinderdörfer
  • Ärzte ohne Grenzen
  • Brot für die Welt
  • Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.
TIS GmbH Charity

Furthermore, we are a member of the Bocholter Bürgergenossenschaft eG (Citizen incorporated cooperative of Bocholt). Their goal is the support of different persons - from older people and families to companies including its employees. The cooperative especially offers help when it comes to the compatibility of job and familiy as well as job and care of relatives. This works through services such as child care and household help.

More information

Our commitment for the environment

Ladestation für E-Fahrzeuge | TIS GmbH
Charging station for electronic vehicles
Fahrradunterstand und Fahrradgarage | TIS GmbH
Bike shed and bike garage
Solaranlage und Begrünung auf der Dachterreasse | TIS GmbH
Solar collector and planting vegetation on the roof-deck

We support the environment and for us sustainability is very important. For this, we have implemented different measures.

Extraction of our measures

  • Acquisition of electronic and hybrid cars as company cars
  • Installation of electronic charging stations
  • Photovoltaics on the roof-deck
  • Electricity from renewable energy (green electricity)
  • Heat recovery
  • Possbility for employees to get company bicycles
  • CO2 neutral transport
  • Fairtrade coffee
  • Lockable bicycle garage
  • Renunciation of paper, e.g. advertising flyers
  • Usage of recycling paper
  • Possibility for the employees to work from home regularly
  • Greened roof-deck and plants all around the company building
  • Usage of sustainable packaging / Usage of bulk packaging instead of individual packaging
  • Usage of connector strips that can be switched off


Ökoprofit Urkunde für die TIS GmbHUPS CO2 neutraler Versand | TIS GmbHIn 2023 we participated in the project "Ökoprofit". We went to regular meetings with other companies of the region and talked about actions for environmental protection that can be taken by companies.
As a conclusion, we implemented different actions which are good for the environment and the sustainability. In the end, we received the Ökoprofit award.

As we did not want to lose the exchange with other regional companies, we joined the Ökoprofit Club which meets twice a year.

Green Telematics

The topic of "Green Telematics" is also important to us. We are therefore very pleased that our logistics software TISLOG can make a contribution to the environment, too. It is able to analyze the driving style of truck drivers and suggest improvements. As a result, both the wearing of truck parts and the consumption of fuel can be reduced.

Furthermore, with our products it is possible to check the CO2 values ​​of trucks, from which possible optimizations can be derived.
The values ​​can also be used by our customers to make compensation payments to various environmental projects.