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Our Team

TIS Team 2024

The TIS GmbH currently employs about 100 people

Representing our team of smart people, experts and inventors here we introduce our management, the team and project leaders and our sales department.

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

Markus Vinke

Managing Director

Managing Director since October 2016. The graduate electrical engineer with focus on information technology has been working at TIS since 2002. As head of software development with enthusiasm and expertise, he worked on the further development of innovative software solutions for our customers.

Fabian Bielefeld - Geschäftsführer und Vertriebsleiter bei der TIS GmbH

Fabian Bielefeld

Managing Director and Team Leader Sales

Since 2010, the logistics manager and state-certified business economist has been working for TIS GmbH.
As a sales / project manager, it is important for him to digitize and visualize the data and information flow with the TISLOG solution. Improved quality, clearly displayed transport orders and workflows, evaluation of telematics data in a helpful way and unification of the TISLOG developers' and TISLOG customers' vision. That is the way.

Bernd Schmitz | TIS GmbH

Bernd Schmitz

Head of Project Planning
& Software Support

Manages the project planning and software support at TIS GmbH. The graduate engineer (FH) already operates in our company since 1996 and is now member of the management and experienced partner and advisor for complex customer requirements.

Stefan Hebing | TIS GmbH

Stefan Hebing

Head of Administration
Trainer for mercantile professions

Started at TIS in 2016. Member of the executive board since August 2020 and responsible for managing the administration. Has successfully completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk as well as a degree in state-certified business administration (sales management / marketing). Competent contact person for commercial processing with long management experience in logistics and supervisor for commercial trainees.

Norbert Roßkamp - Abteilungsleiter Software Support TIS GmbH

Norbert Roßkamp

Team Leader Software Development

The Diplom Ingenieur (FH) is working as a software developer for mobile data terminals at TIS GmbH. Since 2016 he is responsible for expansion and optimization of our TISLOG logistics software.

Abteilungsleiter SW Support Guido Elsinghorst | TIS GmbH

Guido Elsinghorst

Team Leader Software Support

Coordinates the software support tasks of TIS, plans new installations and is responsible for the daily support. The engineer is the first contact for our customers, if there are problems with the support.

Mike Ahlmann | TIS GmbH

Mike Ahlmann

Division Manager Groupage Cargo Transport

Customer service and sales around TISLOG® Logistics & Mobility.
Since 1999 member of the TIS team, the studied business administrator ensures that customer requirements are addressed quickly internally and are translated into custom tailored solutions. Interested in all aspects of TELEMATICS he always has an open ear for customers and prospects.

Oliver Krahmer | Vertrieb TIS GmbH

Oliver Krahmer


The trained forwarding businessman and technical business administrator (IHK) has 30 years of experience in the telematics and logistics industry and is a member of the TIS team since the end of 2018. In addition to customer service and sales around TISLOG Logistics & Mobility, as well as project management, Oliver also hosts free webinars as a speaker at TIS. He is always open to customer questions.

Tobias Enge | Vertrieb der TIS GmbH

Tobias Enge

Country Manager CH

Employed at TIS since 2017. The trained IT specialist started his TIS career in software support. There he got to know TISLOG Logistics & Mobility inside out. He switched to sales at the end of 2019 and has since been using his software expertise to advise new customers. He is also part of the team of speakers and regularly provides information about TIS solutions in free webinars.

Partnermanager Peter Hochwald | TIS GmbH

Peter Hochwald

Hardware Specialist / Partner Manager

Since September 2016 at TIS, first in the field of internal sales and later in the administration. Peter Hochwald has 17 years of experience in the telecommunication sector. He represents the interface between internal project staff, suppliers and customers.
Focuses on sales of TISWARE hardware as well as TISPLUS accessories and takes care of the global Vendor Relationships.

Ronald Koppelmans, Vertrieb, Country Manager Benelux

Ronald Koppelmans

Country Manager Benelux

Ronald Koppelmans has more than 25 years experience in transports with a focus on telematics and sales. He helps fleets to get more efficient and to save costs at the same time.
Since 2023, Ronald Koppelmans works for the sales team of TIS GmbH and is responsible for the Benelux market.

Marie Bier | Vertriebsinnendienst der TIS GmbH

Marie Bier

Sales Operations

Marie Bier started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at TIS GmbH in 2020.
After completing the training in 2023, she began her careers in the sales department and works there in internal sales.

Matthias Unland | Vertriebsinnendienst der TIS GmbH

Matthias Unland

Sales Operations

Matthias Unland started his career at TIS with his train as industrial clerk. After his training he worked in the purchasing department where he gained experienced in the hardware area. Since 2022, he supports the sales team and is the interface between sales and administration.

Pascal Gilani | Projektleiter bei der TIS GmbH

Pascal Gilani

Project Manager

Pascal Gilani has been working as a project manager at TIS GmbH since 2023. As a trained freight forwarding agent with several years of professional experience, he knows both the forwarding and logistical sides only too well and can therefore perfectly understand the customer's perspective. He uses this experience to be able to offer project customers the right solution.

Bernd Boll-Dullhot - Projektleiter bei der TIS GmbH

Bernd Boll-Dullhot

Project Manager

The state-certified computer scientist started as a member of the software support at TIS in 2012. Prior to this, he had been gathering gather experience in the IT industry over eight years. Since 2016 he is working as a project manager for the TIS GmbH and is glad to be able to implement the experience gained in the support to the benefit of the project customers.

Berthold Klump | Projektleiter der TIS GmbH

Berthold Klump

International Key Account Manager

The graduate engineer (FH) operates in our company already since 1992. Thanks to many years of project experience with a focus on software development, he is a competent partner on a level playing field for our major international customers.

Carsten Dünne - Mitarbeiter der TIS GmbH

Carsten Dünne

Project Manager

Since 2013 the forwarding agent works as a project manager at TIS GmbH.
With over 15 years of practical experience, the planning and implementation of national and international projects in the international heavy long-distance transport as well as process optimization in freight forwarding and transport companies are the focus of his daily work.

Tim Renzel | TIS GmbH

Tim Renzel

Project Manager

The graduate engineer (FH) in information technology has joined the TIS project team in 2020. He has 13 years of professional experience in the field of development for international mechanical and plant engineering.
With his experience, he would like to develop optimized software solutions with customers that offer real added value.

Christiane Linke TIS GmbH

Christian Linke

Project Manager

The forwarding agent with professional experience in the field of warehouse logistics worked as a project manager/ technical sales in the Auto ID industry with a focus on mobile computing and mobile device management, automatic data capture, label printing and wireless infrastructure for 16 years.
Since August 2017, he has been responsible for TIS freight transport and intralogistics projects.

Michael Borgs - Mitarbeiter der TIS GmbH

Michael Borgs

Project Manager

Provides for accurate TISLOG solutions to our customers as an experienced project manager: from the preliminary discussions on commodities and process analysis through to installation and implementation at the customer site. Specialist for waste logistics and special transport, such as liquid gas transports.

Sandra Tonn | TIS GmbH

Sandra Tonn

Project Manager

Sandra Tonn joined TIS in 2015. After completing her training as a specialist in system integration at Kreisverwaltung Kleve, she started her career at TIS in customer support and proved there that she can quickly familiarize herself with complex customer requirements. She has been a member of the project team since 2018 and supports our customers with her experience.

Projektleiter Bastian Wehrmann | TIS GmbH

Bastian Wehrmann

Project Manager

Bastian Wehrmann has been working as a project manager at TIS GmbH since 2021. He is a state-certified trade professional specialized in trade logistics. Bastian Wehrmann has worked for an international company as a logistics manager for over ten years and got to know the practical side of logistics. As a result, he is close to the customer and can empathize with the respective processes.