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Telematics solutions for special cargo transport

TISLOG Logistics Software
Optimal use for special cargo transport

TISLOG mobile is our intelligent telematics system for your mobile order management - around 1000 configuration options ensure that TISLOG can be adapted perfectly to your workflows. With precisely matched extensions even the demanding requirements of special cargo transport are supported optimally. Whether the transport of gas and liquids, carcass disposal, live-animal transport or returnable goods logistics - TIS finds an optimal solution for any special request.

TISLOG software matches any logistics application

Digital Control And Documentation

Order, drive and rest times, signature

100% Mobile

Thanks to Bluetooth® technology 100% mobile data processing

Truck Locating

Always know where each truck is

Real-time Scanning And Processing

Barcode scanning and data processing in real time

Intuitive Handling

Easy to operate thanks to the intuitive user interface

Intelligent Extensions

Intelligent extensions for special cargo, e.g. weighing, printing, photo documentation

Automated And Paperless

Fully automatad and paperless document and data traffic

Three examples show what is possible with the TISLOG telematics solution

Carcass disposal

For carcass disposal a central requirement is the accurate transfer and processing of variable data at the customer site.
Therefore, our basic system TISLOG mobile can be completed by add-on modules 'weighing and printing'.

Via Bluetooth TISLOG then connects the driver’s handheld with the crane scale for the animals and the printer for receipts and documents. This allows the driver to take the data directly from the scale into TISLOG. At the same time he is able to control the weighing process on his mobile device and print order documents. The customer will immediately receive a written record of the delivery of the animal with all the necessary information (weight, further specifications).

Liquid gas transport

For transport of gas and liquid, the TISLOG mobile basic software can be completed by the additional module 'Printing'. This plug-in enables you to print order documents that are directly connected to the customer data.

This allows the driver to combine the flow-rate with the address of the customer at a gas delivery and print a delivery slip with his printer immediately. All other necessary transport and accompanying documents can also be printed with the mobile printer anytime.


Returnable goods

In the returnable goods logistics we configure our TISLOG basic software for processes where PET bottles need be transported economically. Either shredded bottles (= plastic raw material) or single bottles are transported in bags.

The single returnable bottles represent a considerable value, and must not return to the market. It is therefore important that the bags with the returnable bottles arrive at the at the counting station in an intact and complete manner. Therefore the bags are sealed.
The driver uses TISLOG during pick-up to scan the seal and the bag size by barcode. Every weekday the destination is another customer site. The driver also has the tour data on his TISLOG handheld device. The basic software can be completed by add-on modules, such as the 'photo-documentation' for easy detection of irregularities in the collection process.

TISLOG precisely adjusts with intelligent add-ons

Add-on modules for special cargo transport

TISLOG Logistik Software für Ihr Fuhrparkmanagement


Map&Guide Navigation
Complementary Module: Integration process
Photo- and damage documentation
Departure control
Safe, Encrypted Data Transmission

TISLOG Telematiksystem: Zusatzmodule für Ihre Zentrale


Activity reports

Interface modules to connect to host systems

Interface modules to connect to archiving systems

Recommended Hardware & Accessories

By the way, thanks to Bluetooth® technology our system really is 100% mobile - no fixed installation necessary. Our mobile computers are designed especially to fit the requirements in part-load traffic and distribution centers and are easy to mount and unmount in the vehicle temporarily.
We will be glad to assist you with choosing the right hardware for you!

TISLOG office
Direct web access to all information

Convenient and safe access to all data whenever and wherever you want, efficient fleet management and fast communication with your drivers - the TISLOG office Internet portal ensures all this.

Logistiksoftware der TIS GmbH in der Praxis -  Anwenderbericht

Success Stories

Automated processes, reduced error rates, relief of your employees: Learn in exemplary telematics case studies of our customers, how they operate more efficiently in practice with our TIS products for logistics.

Logistiksoftware der TIS GmbH - seit 30 Jahren erfolgreiche Logistik-Lösungen

35 Years of Experience

Driven by a passion for technology, for decades our experts in Bocholt are developing telematics software and hardware solutions, thousands of employees in trucking companies and warehouses rely on every day.

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