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Telematics Case Studies

Exemplary concepts - Customer success stories

To identify the precise needs of our customers, first we work our way into their workflows and business processes. In close collaboration with the project managers on the client side, our specialists then develop solutions that work - right from the start. Exemplary telematics case studies show how our solutions for mobile data communication have optimized the logistics processes in the companies of our customers.


Case Study fm Büromöbel

With the telematics solution TISLOG, the company fm Büromöbel GmbH has digitized the entire order management for its own company transport fleet and thus significantly improved customer service.


Case Study Chr. Cavegn Transport AG

The transport company Chr. Cavegn Transport AG from Switzerland introduces the TISLOG logistics software for the entire transportation process.

Pressemitteilung September 2022 | Anwenderbericht Leopold SChäfer

Case Study Leopold Schäfer GmbH

In the future, Leopold Schäfer GmbH uses solutions from TIS in the areas inventory turnover, short-distance traffic and maybe also long-haul traffic.

TIS Anwenderbericht | Neue Dispositionslösung bei Gebrüder Weiss

Case Study Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss changes its tour planning solution and uses as of now the TISLOG Dispo from TIS GmbH. The adjustment takes place at all locations.


Case Study KP Logistik

KP Logistik uses for the controlling of the fleet and the mobile order management the telematics solution TISLOG which is also able to read out the consumption of liquefied natural gas.

Pressemitteilung Januar 2022 - Telematikkunde Kicherer | TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Kicherer

The steel wholesaler Friedrich Kicherer has replaced five technology suppliers with the TISLOG telematics solution from TIS. Furthermore, it saved interfaces and made its administration much easier.

Pressemitteilung TIS GmbH - Papierlose Logistikprozesse Camion

Telematics Case Study Camion

Paperless logistics processes with TISLOG. Within a year Camion Transport AG changed its processes and teh company is satisfied with the results.

Telematik Anwenderbericht Emons Spedition | TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Emons Spedition GmbH

The Emons Spedition has replaced around 1.500 mobile computers and its telematics solution. The supplier is the company TIS GmbH placed in Bocholt.



"The extra investment in purchasing the Zebra TC8000 for the turnover area has been one of the best investments!"

Sasha Dietrich
Head of ITS Support / Service Manager
ITS - Integrated Services | Streck Transportges. mbH

"The same applies to the additional investment in the TC75x in connection with TISLOG mobile Enterprise!"

Julian Seuberling
Project management disposition / vehicle fleet | Streck Transportges. mbH

Kundenlogo Liegat

"We like working with TIS because the devices recommended by TIS meet our high standards of quality and robustness. The driver software TISLOG mobile Enterprise impresses with its simple operating concept."

Ralf Löw
IT Manager
Liegat Logistik GmbH

"The pistol grips developed by TIS for our scanners are invaluable."

Ingo Müller
IT Manager
Speralux GmbH

Raben Group - Client of TIS GmbH

"We enjoy working with TIS, because TIS is a reliable project partner who quickly implements professional solutions tailored to our growing needs."

René Lüthen
Managing Director
IT Manager / IT Head Office Germany
Raben Services GmbH

"To us the TIS is a competent service provider, who convinces us of his reliability and flexibility again and again even after many years of working together."

Tanja Wilhelm
Executive Management IT
Sander Logistics GmbH

Gebrüder Weiss - Client of TIS GmbH"TIS is an innovative company which develops its products further. We also benefit from the ideas of the other customers."

Martin Rohner
Program Manager TMS, Digitization and Automation
Gebrüder Weiss GmbH

Gustke Logistik - Client of TIS GmbH"We enjoy working with TIS, because we appreciate the personal contact with the TIS staff that has grown over many years. We perceive the cooperation as very trustful. TIS is a very innovative partner supporting us optimally with the ever-increasing requirements in the field of transportation and logistics. Especially in terms of new projects TIS assists quickly and competently."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT
Forwarder Heinrich Gustke GmbH

TIS Kunde BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH"The Zebra MC65 / MC67, recommended by TIS, have long proved their worth in the harsh part-load workdays of our truck drivers. Looking back, we can say that this was a good recommendation. On average we only get a device back in the IT department once every 4 weeks, to clarify any problems. In addition, thanks to an integrated camera, it is possible to quickly make photos of the shipments. These are then automatically linked to the shipment information in our forwarding program."

Guido Corsten
BTG Feldberg & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

"TIS was the only provider that could offer us the consumption measurement of our trucks running on liquefied gas."

David Brokholm
Managing Director KP-Logistik

Camion Logo | Kunde der TIS GmbH "We are already working with TIS since 1998. Because of our good experiences with the company, we did not want to change our supplier."

Jürg Langenegger
Person responsible for the IT area
Camion Transport AG

Our drivers work with TISLOG in a known technical environment, so that the change from short distance traffic to long haul traffic is easy for them."

Christian Schröder
IT Manager
Spedition Heinrich Gustke GmbH


"Furthermore, the solution will be developed even further and also improved."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT and registered manager
Spedition Heinrich Gustke GmbH

Beeger "Because of TISLOG, we only need one system to digitize various workings between incoming goods, turnover and delivery."

Frank Reichert
Managing Director
Beeger Logistik & Spedition GmbH