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Telematics Case Study SLH

Evolution instead of revolution

The Situation

Spedition und Logistik Haaren Keimeier & Finke GmbH - short SLH - is an owner-managed company with around 230 employees.
In 2018, the company replaced an existing but outdated locating system with the TISLOG telematics solution from TIS GmbH.
The areas of disposition and fleet management were planned to be optimized with the help of TISLOG office and data supplied by the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck.

The Task

The following requirements should be fulfilled by the new telematics system: the submission of orders was especially important. But also features such as navigation and positioning, monitoring of driving,  rest and shift times, download of driver card data and digital tacho and vehicle data transmission.
Interfaces to the shipping software Komalog from Transdata were required.
In addition, the telematics should be available for different purposes on different devices.

The Project Implementation

The telematicboxes form the heart of the telematics solution. In addition to the position data, they also transfer the vehicle and tachograph data from the trucks to the head office, which leads to noticeable relief and significant savings.

At SLH, the vehicle fleet was self-equipped with the telematicboxes. Within a few weeks, a large part of the fleet was already fitted with the compact boxes. Only the first two trucks were installed during training by an installation partner of TIS. "We looked at it and realized how easy it is," recalls the fleet manager and trained automotive mechanic Dirk Grunert, who then had nearly all the installations carried out in his own workshop.

The process takes only half an hour and easy-to-understand instructions explain exactly how it works: The small black boxes are connected to the info interface of the tachograph and the FMS interface of the vehicle. For the assembly, the speedometer is first pulled out of the slot, which also provides enough space for the box and the associated antenna. The workshop staff of SLH connects the plug contacts and fixes the telematics unit with a double-sided adhesive tape. Then the speedometer is pushed back into the shaft and locked. "There is nothing more to do", confirms Grunert, who has laid the foundation for the continuous digitization of his company with the boxes.

The next extensions are already scheduled. The driver rating is planned to be adjusted in such a way that it creates the basis for a bonus system. Tire pressure sensors are integrated to inform drivers when the tire pressure is too low. An automated expense report is planned to be fed from the driving and rest times and the position data.

The Advantages

digital recording and transmission of vehicle data
optimized work processes in scheduling and fleet management
savings and optimization potential through insight into evaluable data
modular expandable solution for connecting of additional telematics components


"The manual reading of driver cards and tachograph data for each individual vehicle used to be very time-consuming and is now a thing of the past," emphasizes Grunert, who is responsible for a fleet of 57 towing units.
With a strategy of small steps, SLH shows how a medium-sized company can master the challenges of digitization on the solid foundations of sophisticated telematics.

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