TISPLUS Scan Handle for Zebra MC95

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TISPLUS Scan Handle - Trigger Handle for Zebra MC95

The Scan Handle for Zebra MC95 is a powerful add-on for comfortable handling during data capturing. It offers easy “Snap-on” mounting and a secure lock mechanism combined with an ergonomic design.
With innovative focus on our customers’ needs we developed the TIS Trigger Handle for the MC95 series, because the device itself does not come with a handle, also the manufacturer does not offer this option as an additional upgrade.


  • Easy mounting, TISPLUS Scan Handle only slides on the device
  • A mechanisn locks the handle and allows easy demounting without any tools
  • Camera of the MC95 remains fully functional with the handle mounted
  • MC95 can be placed Zebra docking stations with the handle mounted
  • Trigger of the handle is controlled by a robust mechanism

Mobile device not included in delivery

Technical Specifications of TISPLUS Scan Handle for Zebra MC95


160 x 103 x 112 mm


-15° to +50°


130 g




Withstands several drops from 1.8 m height from all directions on concrete over entire operating temperature range

For further technical information please see the datasheet for download.

Errors and changes excepted

Matching Hardware


In general cargo and freight transport the MC95 device sets new standards for robust keyboard based mobile applications for commercial employees.

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Product information and technical data TISPLUS Scan Handle for Zebra MC95


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Item Number of TISPLUS Scan Handle for Zebra MC95


Info Video TISPLUS Scan Handle for Zebra MC95

Product Video TISLPUS Scan Handle for MC95

TISPLUS hardware accessories are designed by our specialists in Bocholt - Quality made in Germany.


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TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH

TIS GmbH, based in Bocholt, is a premium provider of sophisticated mobile order processing and telematics solutions.
TIS stands for "Technische Informationssysteme” (Technical Information Systems) and is a rapidly expanding technology company with more than 70 employees and its own hardware development department. The company has been developing intelligent products for mobile order management since 1985. Based on industrial PDAs, smartphones and tablets, TIS is implementing flexible telematics solutions for the logistics industry.
The main areas of application are general cargo and freight transports with integration of warehouse logistics and retail as well as various mobile special projects such as gas and liquid transports, disposal and returnable goods logistics. TIS serves more than 150 customers with more than 50,000 mobile units.

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