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Business biography and interview with Markus Vinke

Managing director of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

2000 Graduate in electrical engineering with emphasis on information technology at the Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen, Dept. Bocholt

Until 2002 Software developer at the Gesellschaft für Internetanwendungen mbH, Bocholt

From 2002 Software developer at the TIS GmbH

From 2012 Head of the Software Development department

Since 2016 Managing Director of TIS GmbH

Markus Vinke
Managing Director
of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Interview with Markus Vinke

You studied electrical engineering with an emphasis on information technology - what was your motivation to pursue this direction?

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

I have always been very technical, my father introduced me to technical topics early on and soldered small plates with me. During high school I took computer science lessons and knew very early that I would later want to pursue a profession in this area.

Which professional path did you then take?

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

Immediately after my studies, I started working for the Gesellschaft für Internetanwendungen mbH, where Josef Bielefeld was co-owner. Here, I also worked as a consultant for TIS, so I could get to know my future employer well. In 2002, I started as a software developer at TIS GmbH - and developed PSV3 for the Windows CE operating system, which was brand new at that time.

What have been your most exciting challenges at TIS so far?

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

A real milestone in 2006 was a large project in Austria. We were asked to equip 1000 mobile computers with PSV3. How does one ensure the performance of so many devices? The solution to this question was a real challenge for us. The answer: PSV3 became scalable – back then with this feature we were the first ones on the market.

Which technical and other developments have been particularly influential for the logistics industry in recent years?

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

From my perspective, two developments have been particularly relevant to the logistics industry. On the one hand quite specifically the falling costs in the area of mobile radio. In the past each byte counted. Today we can send photos and scanned documents. This has made completely new, digital processes possible.

On the other hand, customers' "just-in-time" requirements require intelligent solutions along the entire logistics chain - which we have been able to depict very well for a long time. With TISLOG, users know where, at what time, certain trucks are at a given moment, and how their condition and the condition of their cargo is. This is why I find it difficult to talk about innovations here - because we have been thinking in this direction for many years and are implementing solutions with our customers. This also applies to keywords such as Industry 4.0. Finally, our mobile solutions enable networked communication and work between different systems and companies.

Since October 1st, 2016, you are the managing director of TIS GmbH in addition to Peter Giesekus. What is the purpose of managing this family business?

Markus Vinke - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

What distinguishes our company is the special "TIS-Spirit". We tackle every challenge together, have a very open information policy inside and out and rely on trust, not control. Our employees are happy to work for us and with us - and of course I want to live on this policy. We want to bind our employees to the company, which is the real capital of the company - because that ultimately benefits the company.


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What customers say about working with TIS

Raben Group - Client of TIS GmbH

"We enjoy working with TIS, because TIS is a reliable project partner who quickly implements professional solutions tailored to our growing needs."

René Lüthen
Managing Director
IT Manager / IT Head Office Germany
Raben Services GmbH

Bursped - Client of TIS GmbH


„Everything the employees of TIS integrate into the hardware works out very well - no rough edges.“

KG Bursped Speditions-GmbH & Co in Hamburg

Sander Spedition - Client of TIS GmbH

"To us the TIS is a competent service provider, who convinces us of his reliability and flexibility again and again even after many years of working together."

Steve Kolmich
IT Manager
Forwarder Sander in Itzehoe

Gebrüder Weiss - Client of TIS GmbH"We opted for PSV3 because TIS always strive for staying up-to-date with their system and at the time of the evaluation the product came with the best value for money. We also already had very good experience with TIS and their predecessor "Psion" (the scanner with laser pen)."

Roland Werenka
Prokurist | Head of IT-Services Operations
Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Gustke Logistik - Client of TIS GmbH"We enjoy working with TIS, because we appreciate the personal contact with the TIS staff that has grown over many years. We perceive the cooperation as very trustful. TIS is a very innovative partner supporting us optimally with the ever-increasing requirements in the field of transportation and logistics. Especially in terms of new projects TIS assists quickly and competently."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT
Forwarder Heinrich Gustke GmbH