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TISLOG in practice at Boll

TISLOG data hub saves interfaces at Boll Logistik

The Situation

Boll Logistik digitizes its processes and wants to bundle interfaces for mobile order management in local and long-distance transport as well as in warehouse handling. The transport service provider decides to expand the use of the TISLOG telematics solution from TIS, which has been in use for mobile order management as well as fleet and damage management since 2011. TISLOG is also intended to be used as a data hub for all partner forwarders.

The Task

In 2019, the 100 mobile scanners used in local transport were replaced by new models. The choice fell on Android scanners of the type Zebra TC75x with the software TISLOG mobile Enterprise, and thus again on TIS.

The aim was to connect the individual components for order entry and dispatching, damage documentation and video surveillance via a central distribution tool in order to bundle the information flow and thus make the information more readily available at the relevant points.

The Project Implementation

Boll replaced the previous Windows CE-based PSV3 software and the now eight-year-old Zebra MC95 handhelds. The change was made noticeably easier by well thought-out project management and the TISLOG MDM mobile device management offered by TIS. The solution enables the efficient and centralized management of all mobile telematics devices used and is an integral part of the TISLOG software family. The operation of the new devices is very similar to the handling of conventional smartphones, which minimized the training required for the 130 local drivers.


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If damage is discovered during the loading process, drivers can easily document it with TISLOG intra directly on site using their mobile terminal.
One of the special features of the damage documentation app is the interface to the DIVIS video surveillance solution, which is also used in the service provider's hall: Each driver's handheld has been equipped with an RFID tag which activates the assigned camera in the corresponding section of the hall with each scan or photographing event. This means that it is possible to quickly verify afterwards whether the damage has occurred at the Boll premises or has already occurred at the shipping agent.

Fortunately, while the damage app only rarely needs to be activated, the other functions always take action: As soon as the delivery notes have been transferred to the handhelds, TISLOG mobile guides the driver safely through every single step, from pallet handling to the customer's signature.

With the help of the GPS location function integrated in the mobile terminals, the location of each truck can be traced directly on a map by the dispatchers at the head office, which speeds up the assignment of new pick-up orders to the nearest driver and saves phone calls.

Boll now also automatically receives digital information about driving and rest times of their staff, as well as other relevant information about the fleet, through TIS telematics boxes installed in the vehicles.

The Benefits

Central administration of all mobile telematics devices used
Integrated damage documentation and connection to damage locating tools
Optimized work processes on the road and in the warehouse
Simplified assignment of new orders to the nearest drivers
Central control over compliance with driving and rest times

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Case Study Boll Logistik

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