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Third-Party Apps

Useful third-party apps for logistics personnel

MapTrip Truck by infoware

Easy to use navigation especially for truck drivers. By creating a driver profile, suitable routes for trucks are selected. With traffic jam avoidance and warning of a sudden tail end of traffic jams.
Google Maps | App | Logistik

Google Maps

Easy navigation for drivers with real-time traffic data such as traffic jam and accident reports.

PTV Truck Navigator | App | Logistik

PTV Truck Navigator

Navigation with truck-specific route planning. Offers the transmission of traffic updates and assistance in finding a parking space. Large selection of languages included.

Sygic Business | App | Logistik

Sygic Truck Navigation

Navigation with special truck functions. This includes a user-defined route for large vehicles including the consideration of environmental zones, traffic information, display of fuel prices, speed limits, and radar warning as well as offline maps for areas without an Internet connection.

Kravag Truck Parking | App | Logistik

Kravag Truck Parking

Book secure and comfortable truck parking spaces via the app. Display of current availability. Cancellations are free of charge. Storage of digital keys for gates and doors in the app.


Google Messages | App | Logistik

Google Messages

Integration of Google Messages, for example for SMS. When the SMS is received, the driver is informed in TISLOG by a text and a flashing icon.

Skype | App | Logistik


Integration of the message app Skype from Microsoft, for example via a connection to the Playstore

Quiply Chat-App

Business chat app
When a new message is received, the driver is informed in TISLOG mobile by a text and a flashing icon.
Telegram | Kommunikation | Logistik

Telegram Chat App

Integration of the chat app Telegram in our TISLOG mobile

Access to Host Systems

Ivanti Velocity | App | Logistik

Ivanti Velocity

Industrial browser with security function to prevent employees from leaving the web app.

Active Logsitics Client | App | Logistik

Active Logistics ALmDeC Client

A client that is used directly on the active system. Enables processes to be mapped in goods turnover.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client | App | Logistik

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

The client enables access to all work files from home or on the go.


Alternative terminal emulation

Glink for Android
OSL | App | Logistik

OSL Hub Scanning

Enables loading and unloading from trucks in the online HUB.



Spedifort | App | Logistik


Integration of the professional e-learning app "Spedifort" for transport and logistics.

ELCAR Trailer Telematic

Integration of the trailer telematics app "ELCAR" in our TISLOG mobile software.


Tracking app for special goods
Integration of the tracking app from the Polish government for special goods.

SENTGEO Tracking App


Ramp assessment / ramp guide
The platform for ramp evaluations from ETM-Verlag can be supplied with information through our TISLOG mobile app. Alternatively, we can integrate the ramp guide as an app.

Find the ramp guide
Google PDF | App | Logistik

Google PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer
Integration of the PDF viewer in TISLOG mobile.
Quick integration of PDFs also in the order details. With one click, the PDF opens in the Google PDF Viewer.

Android Contacts | App | Logistik

Android Contacts

Android phone book / contacts
Synchronize contacts with the Android phone book via our TISLOG office Infodesk.
This means that the driver always has the necessary phone numbers in his Android phone book.