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TIS Press Release March 2022


Gas instead of Diesel: Goodbye with obstacles

KP Logistik, Anwenderbericht, Pressemitteilung, LNG, LKW

Bocholt, March 8, 2022

KP Logistik uses the telematics solution TISLOG for its controlling of the vehicle fleet and the mobile order management. But TISLOG is also able to read out the consumption of the liquefied gas.

Pioneers do not have it easy all the time. When the Danish logistics provider KP Logistik renewed its whole vehicle fleet in 2019, the company relied on eco-friendly and low noise liquefied gas trucks. KP Logistik invested in 110 semitrailer tractors type Scania R410 LNG and therefore belongs to one of the first forwarding agents in Germany that almost fully shifted away from diesel trucks. A decision that is still seen positive – also in times of high gas prizes. “We want to transport as eco-friendly as possible and our customers support us with this course of action”, explains David Brokholm, co-owner and one of the two managing directors.

Indispensable operating figures
But the change from diesel to LNG led to big challenges: “We already expected the problem that there are only a few gas stations for the refilling of the trucks, but we were surprised by the problems with our previous telematics system”, remembers Wouter Meert who is responsible for IT projects at KP Logistik. “Our former telematics provider was not able to read out the LNG consumption data”, adds the native-born Belgian. For him the costs of the fuel are very important in his daily work.
Because of this, the family business looked for a new telematics provider who has good references in the field of part-load traffic. “The read out of the LNG consumption data through the FMS interface was totally new at that time”, underlines Brokholm. Only TIS GmbH was willing “to grow into it” and to work together with the forwarding agent on a reliable solution for liquefied gas trucks within a few weeks. Furthermore, the telematics specialists from Bocholt offer a fully developed product called TISLOG which has a wide range of modules. “We wanted to enhance our processes and to digitize our consignment note, as one example”, says Brokholm.

Short garage stop
In February 2020 the first vehicles were equipped with the telematicboxes Truck from TIS which were installed in a short garage stop. The boxes receive not only the consumption and vehicle data but also the driving and rest times. These are sent to the TIS computing center via the mobile radio communication. All data are archived legally watertight and they are evaluated order-related.
The whole vehicle fleet was equipped with Samsung tablets including the TISLOG app. The app guides the drivers step by step through the delivery process - from order receipt to electronic delivery receipt. The drivers of the subcontractors were tied on the telematics solution via app and tablet. This helps KP Logistik to track the orders consistently.

Multiple expansions
The logistics provider uses for its regular software updates on the mobile devices a solution by TIS which is called TISLOG Mobile Device Management. ”With this, the tablets can be administrated easily”, says Meert who has extended the telematics solution several times. “TIS develops consistently new functions that make our life and the ones of our drivers much easier”, reports the project manager.
Meanwhile, KP Logistik also uses the modules pre-trip inspection and driver’s license control that are both integrated in TISLOG. The primary goal is to improve the everyday life of the drivers. One of the resulting advantages is that the drivers do not have to load the trailers. Instead the trailers are already loaded before so that the drivers can start with their tour immediately.

Simple charts
“The working times of our drivers are too valuable to waste them by loading the trucks”, summarizes the assistant transportation manager Steffen Jänecke. He is responsible for the disposal and he has recognized relief through the online portal TISLOG office. This web solution displays the telematics data from the vehicles and shows them in simple charts. The current positions, the driven route, the status of separate tours, driving times and the filling of the gas tanks can be supervised all the time.
The collected data have a big benefit for later analysis. As an example, these data are useful in case of questions from the police. “There are cases in which we can prove the innocence of our drivers with the help of TISLOG”, tells Jänecke. Because of the collected data KP Logistik is able to show to the police the time the driver was at the relevant place.

Communication in 26 languages
Through the use of an interface the data can also be sent to the self-developed dispatch software from KP Logistik. The system helps with the customer and order management as well as with the disposal and accounting. The daily part-load tours which have up to 15 stops are planned with the integrated PTV Route Optimiser and sent via TISLOG to the driver’s tablets.
If required, the drivers can receive additional messages of the disposal in their mother tongue. The forwarding agent uses therefore a translation tool from TISLOG which sents the messages directly to the drivers in their mother tongue. Up to 26 languages are available and KP Logistik uses among others the following ones: Polish, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian. “The translation tool simplified the communication with our drivers who belong to ten different nations”, explains Jänecke.

Easy introduction
Because of the TISLOG app which brings very structured working process, the on-the-job training of new workers is now easier. “The handling is explained in a few words and afterwards drivers of different nations get along”, comments Meert. The drivers are also supported by many images and comments of recurring unloading points. KP Logistik supplies around 800 supermarkets and some of them have particular driving regulations. The TISLOG app offers tips and clues for each recipient.
KP Logistik is already excited for the next improvement. At the moment the TIS GmbH works on a solution to exclude specific routes from the navigation. Because “Even the truck navigation does not always know the best track”, says Meert.

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