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TIS: New hardware and software

TIS GmbH Hardwareservice

Bocholt, November 21, 2018

TIS GmbH, which specializes in telematics and fleet management, will be presenting new hardware, software and services at LogiMAT (February 19-21, 2019), including a module for order entry and scheduling. Also new is an archiving solution for tachograph data and a convenient service platform for hardware management. Also featured are two new terminals, Panasonic's FZ-N1 and FZ-T1, that have been certified by TIS as suitable hardware for telematics applications. For the "Certified by TIS" quality seal, the devices had to pass a test with 160 test criteria. TIS is exhibiting in hall 8 at booth A05.

The new service platform TISLOG Hardware Premium Service ensures optimized and simplified device management. It offers customers maximum transparency about the current status of all end devices used. The platform informs, for example, about the current repair progress of defective scanners or indicates the expiration dates of maintenance contracts. In addition, the tool supports the complete inventory management.
Also new is the archiving solution TISLOG office Tacho Archive, with which the data of the tachographs can be stored and analyzed. In the event of a violation of the driving time regulation, the system automatically generates the necessary driver information, which drastically reduces the administrative workload for the fleet managers.
The new module TISLOG office Order Dispo for order entry and scheduling also brings a significant functional expansion. TISLOG office is thus developing from a pure telematics solution into a consistent system for transport management.
Another novelty concerns the TISLOG MDM solution, which enables efficient and centralized management of all mobile telematics devices used. It is used, for example, for fast and wireless transmission of software updates on data terminals, scanners, tablets or smartphones. New and so far unique is that software updates can now be timed. This prevents, for example, that updates are starting during ongoing tours and blocking the delivery process.
In the scope of the new distribution partnership with Panasonic, TIS now also offers the hardware of the Japanese manufacturer. The Toughpad FZ-N1 with Android is one of the thinnest and lightest handheld tablets in the 4.7" category with removable battery. It combines the advantages of handheld, smartphone and barcode scanners into a single rugged and powerful tablet. Included are a bar code scanner on the back, as well as a passive or active pen for precise handwriting and signature capturing. The device has been designed for postal and courier services, transport, logistics and retail, among other things, surviving 1,000 massive drops of one meter height without damage. TIS has already developed its own vehicle mount for the FZ-N1, which will also be presented as a novelty in the TISPLUS accessory program at the LogiMAT.
As an alternative to the FZ-N1 TIS also shows the Panasonic FZ-T1 as a stable, yet slim outdoor smartphone with integrated scanner. It is only 13 millimeters thick and just like its "big brother" IP68 and TIS certified. In the TIS certification process, not only the device properties but also the service behavior of the manufacturer are tested.

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teaser-unternehmenTIS GmbH, headquartered in Bocholt, is a premium provider of sophisticated mobile order processing and telematics. TIS stands for " Technische Informationssysteme " (Technical Information Systems) and is a rapidly expanding technology company with around 70 employees and its own hardware development department. The company has been developing intelligent products for mobile order management since 1985. Based on industrial PDAs, smartphones and tablets, TIS has implemented flexible telematics solutions for the logistics industry. The main uses are groupage freight and cargo transport with integration of warehouse and retail as well as various special mobile projects such as gas and liquid transport, disposal and deposit logistics. TIS serves more than 150 customers with more than 50,000 mobile units.

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