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TIS Press Release September 2022


Leopold Schäfer: Less providers, more performance

Pressemitteilung September 2022 | Anwenderbericht Leopold SChäfer

Bocholt, September 27, 2022

The CargoLine partner Leopold Schäfer GmbH uses the change from Windows mobile to Android for extensive process simplifications. From now on, the company believes in software and hardware solutions from TIS and uses it in in the fields of inventory turnover, short-distance traffic and long-haul traffic.

December 10, 2019 was a day of cesura for many carriers as the technical support of the operating system windows mobile ended. The software was an important basis for countless mobile devices which were used for telematics functions. But without support there are also no further security updates or other adjustments. Because of this, the CargoLine partner Leopold Schäfer decided to use android devices in the future. Next to the hardware, also the software for the mobile order management had to be changed.

Less providers
The expediter took the chance to also reduce the number of providers. “In the past, we used for the inventory turnover and the mobile order management solutions from different providers which increased the administration efforts”, remembers IT administrator Valentin Rötten. There were also big differences in the cooperations and the service quality, “in which TIS set the benchmark”, says Rötten.
The telematics experts from Bocholt are already in action at all four locations of Leopold Schäfer as an IT partner for inventory turnover. “We are very content with the customer oriented, fast and friendly service from TIS”, mentions Rötten. Furthermore, the software for inventory turnover is permanently enhanced and offers the important documentation of damages. Visible damages of sendings can be therefore saved with the sending number as CargoLine demands it.

Reliable guidance
In the course of the change from windows to android, Leopold Schäfer also changed its mobile order management and decided to use the solution from TIS. “One of the outstanding characteristics of TISLOG mobile Enterprise is the easy adaptation to our processes”, underlines managing director Markus Schwope. “With the help of the TISLOG live configurator we are able to define individual workflows and show them in TISLOG. Because of this, our short-distance traffic drivers have a reliable guidance during their working life”, continues Schwope. In addition, TISLOG has the potential to also replace the used telematics system for the long-haul traffic of a further provider. The first tests with Samsung tablets as mobile devices are already done.
In the short-distance traffic Leopold Schäfer decided to use the mobile computers Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 which are also configurated and delivered by TIS. The device works with a touchscreen and resembles a smartphone. It has an integrated scanner and fits in every pocket, too. In the daily use, the EDA51 convinced especially through its handy appearance, its low weight and its robustness.

Easy administration
To distribute the investment costs to a longer period, the old windows devices will be replaced step-by-step as soon as they reached their technical end of life. At the moment, 45 scanners were already replaced. Ten more devices will follow. “Every new device leads to an easier administration as TIS offers the comfortable function TISLOG Mobile Device Management (TISLOG MDM)”, explains IT administrator Valentin Rötten. “Though the TISLOG MDM, updates can be done for all devices at the push of a button”, describes Rötten.
The MDM does not only simply the administration of devices, but also quickens the search and repair of errors. “When our drivers have a problem with their scanners, we are able to find and solve the problem per remote maintenance”, says Rötten. Because of this, waiting periods and delays during the delivery can be reduced and the stress level of the drivers shrink. That is one reason why TISLOG is also popular with the drivers.

Contactless delivery
The drivers are guided step-by-step through the whole pick up and delivery process - from the navigation to the paperless proof of delivery. Furthermore, TISLOG offers a lot of new functions which were integrated in the processes of Leopold Schäfer GmbH. One example is the photo function as a documentation for damage-free and contactless deliveries. During the Covid-19 pandemic many customers granted a placing approval where the pictures served as a proof of delivery.
For the expediters, the change to TISLOG was done without any difficulties as TIS has an interface to the transport software Komalog by Ecovium which is used at Leopold Schäfer. Through the integration, the employees are able to receive the current information of sendings and tours via Komalog. This interface also ensures an optimized loading as the data of the loading lists are sent to the drivers in real time.

Minimized interfaces
Conclusion: With the change from windows mobile to android Leopold Schäfer integrated new functions and simplified its own processes. Furthermore, the company was able to reduce its providers. In case that also the long-haul traffic will be operated by TISLOG in the future, the providers of the CargoLine partner minimized from three to one.

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