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TIS Press Release July 2013

Behind the scenes of TIS

Telematics / Expansion: TIS with a new address

TIS Tower - Firmensitz der TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Bocholt, July 23, 2013

The TIS GmbH, which specializes in mobile telematics systems, has moved in June within Bocholt into essentially larger premises. The new office property built for 1.3 million euros and under ecological criteria offers space for up to 60 employees distributed over four floors. Thus, the building offers plenty of room for further future expansion. Large training and conference rooms for up to 30 participants complete the available space on offer.

Moreover, the architecture supports interdisciplinary collaboration, accelerating internal processes. For example, the offices of hardware and software support are now next to each other, which shortens work distances. The house was built in a period of approximately one year after the ideas and plans of the managing partner and founder, Josef Bielefeld.

Besides the the available expansion areas the new address at Müller-Armack-Straße 8 in the Technology Park Bocholt is easily accessible by a convenient transport connection to the east of the city, and there is a number of other advantages: The building is located near the Westphalian University, with which the TIS GmbH has maintained close cooperations for many years already. Some of today's TIS employees are former students of the college who have met their future employers through internships, semester or diploma theses. The new offices offer even more room for the inclusion of trainees and students in ongoing projects.

The highly efficient house technology provides for a highly energy efficient heating or cooling of rooms with a combination of heat pumps and air conditioners. In addition, ventilation systems with heat exchangers ensure fresh air on all floors. A photovoltaic system which is located on the rooftop also generates 17 kilowatts of electricity per hour, of which approximately 80 percent is consumed internally.

Other improvements concern the internal information technology. The new building TIS has its own secure 1-Gbit fiber optic connection to the partner data center. Two different web accesses lead via the data center to a highly available Internet connection. If against all odds the Internet connection is interrupted though, the flow of data is still secured via UMTS. The modern VoIP Phone System offers enhanced communication features and supports, for example, internal chats, conference calls, and the use of mobile devices. Energy produced by IT equipment is lead back into the energy cycle through heat recovery and used, for example, to heat the office space.

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Background TIS GmbH

teaser-unternehmenTIS is one of the market leaders for high-end telematics projects with more than 150 corporate customers and 50,000 drivers as users in daily use. We have been developing intelligent telematics solutions for freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies as well as retail chains for almost 35 years. With TIS solutions, our customers control their entire truck fleet and order management and monitor their entire flow of goods in real time - from the depot to the smallest branch.

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