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Emons nutzt Logistik-Software TISLOG von TIS

TIS Press Release November 2016

Emons switches to TIS

Forwarder Emons is replacing their existing telematics system in local and long-distance traffic with TISLOG, which is to be installed on 920 Honeywell CN51 terminals by the beginning of 2017. The supplier of hardware and software is TIS GmbH, which specializes in mobile telematics solutions.

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TIS-Kunde Speralux GmbH nutzt Logistiksoftware TISLOG

TIS Press Release August 2016

Controlling with progressives

Eyeglass wearers know the drill: The own visual aid allows a clear view either in the near or far area. But only progressive lenses cover both areas satisfactory.

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Newsletter der TIS GmbH aus Bocholt

TIS Newsletter July 2016

Summertime is finally here – with hot sunny days and heat thunderstorms. And because the holiday season has started we will contact you today only briefly with interesting news from the TIS-world.

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Hartmann Ibbenbüren bleibt bei Telematiksoftware und Scannern von TIS

TIS Press Release July 2016

Hartmann Ibbenbüren remains with TIS

Partner of Online Systemlogistik upgrades local transport with new terminals and TISLOG mobile PSV3 – 20 scanners of the type Zebra MC67 gradually replace the six year old MC55 – a clear commitment to professional scanners.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Speralux GmbH | Kunde der TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Speralux GmbH

The Speralux GmbH is a mid-sized logistics service provider based in Iserlohn. The company operates in both system traffic with cargo and shipment volume, as well as freight traffic.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Gustke Logistik | Kunde der TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Gustke Logistik

The mid-sized family business Gustke Logistics operates in particular in long-distance and cargo traffic. But over the years the portfolio has also been expanded with services in groupage freight and contract logistics for various industries.

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Ladeflächendokumentation: TIS GmbH dokumentiert die Auslastung

TIS Press Release December 2014

LogiMAT / Telematik: TIS documenting load space utilization

TIS GmbH, specializing in mobile telematics solutions, together with the TRANSDATA Soft- und Hardware GmbH shows a solution for the efficient documentation of load spaces, damages and oversized shipments at the logistics trade show LogiMAT (February, 10-12,2015) in Stuttgart.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Spedition Ansorge - Kunde der TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Forwarder Ansorge

The forwarder Ansorge is mainly involved in full truckload and combined traffic. The combinations of trailer truck and transport materials, carriage, swap trailers or attached trailers are constantly changing at the combined transport specialists, located in southern Germany.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Camion Transport | Kunde der TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Camion Transport

With a fleet of over 300 trucks Camion Transport is one of the largest transportation companies in Switzerland. The ten branch offices are equipped with independent parallel working dispatch departments.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Deußen Logistik GmbH | Kunde der TIS GmbH

Telematics Case Study Deußen Logistik GmbH

Discreet, anonymous, paperless and almost invisible: At Deußen Logistik GmbH these features build the core of their business strategy. The family business founded in 1990 adapts to the needs and processes of its clients, who specify and provide the scanner from case to case. In 2011, a new project required 80 extremely versatile and powerful radio-controlled scanners, which in nature and scope so far neither were owned by the respective customer nor the company Deußen.

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