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TIS Press Release July 2016

Telematics in Practice

Hartmann Ibbenbüren remains with TIS

Hartmann Ibbenbüren bleibt bei Telematiksoftware und Scannern von TIS

Bocholt, July 18, 2016

The logistics service Hartmann Ibbenbüren is gradually replacing its mobile scanners of the type Zebra MC55, used in transport since 2010, with 20 Zebra MC67 with the telematics solution TISLOG mobile PSV3 from the longtime supplier TIS. Thus, the partner of Online Systemlogistik opts again for professional scanning technology and waives delivery scanning via smartphone.

"In transport fast pace in particular counts during scanning and we focus on devices that are built specifically for this purpose," explains Christian Feld, Managing Director of Hartmann Ibbenbüren.

Scan using smartphones is best suitable in long-distance transport with a correspondingly low delivery frequency or to cover peaks in demand with additional drivers. The decision for TIS was made mainly due to the "very good experiences" in terms of competence, flexibility and fast response times.
TISLOG mobile PSV3 is suitable for handheld computers with the operating system Windows Embedded 6.5.

“Therefore this solution is best suited to the server structure we have chosen," explains Feld.

In local transport, the subsidiary of Hartmann International GmbH & Co. KG primarily works with its own vehicles as well as some permanent subcontractors.

"Here we have virtually no fluctuation, so we equip our external service providers with scanners," said Feld.

For short need of additional capacity, the system can also be rapidly extended by additional equipment. For this TISLOG mobile allows parallel operation with an app for Android smartphones.
At Hartmann Ibbenbüren the solution ensures for a complete order management between TMS and driver. The tours are sent directly from the scheduling software to the mobile terminals and are supplemented by the drivers with the current order status. TISLOG office is the online interface for the collected telematics data from the mobile terminals, which are transmitted from there automatically to the TMS.

Hartmann International is a privately held fifth generation family company based in Paderborn. The subsidiary acquired in 2010 in Ibbenbüren is partner of cooperation ONLINE Systemlogistik. The company building of the forwarder located just off the A30 near the driveway Ibbenbüren-West, was built in 2014, the premises include a turnover warehouse, block and high-bay warehouse. From there, the Netherlands, and river and sea ports in northern Germany are easily accessible. The Ibbenbüren branch has about 50 employees.

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