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TIS Press Release December 2013

LogiMAT 2014 / Telematics:

TIS makes load areas transparent

Neues Zusatzmodul für die Ladeflächendokumentation | TIS GmbH

Bocholt, December 20, 2013

The TIS GmbH presents a new add-on module for warehouse scanners for easy photographing or documenting of loading areas at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from February 25 to 27. In addition, the company specialized in mobile telematics systems unveils an Android version of the telematics system PSV3. Another highlight developed by TIS itself are the ergonomic pistol grips for Motorola smartphones of the type MC 40, TC 55 and the Tablet PC ET 1. With the new equipment, all of the devices become suitable for the uncompromising use in warehouses. TIS exhibits in hall 5, booth 200.
At LogiMAT visitors can experience the newly developed plug-in “Loading Space Documentation" for conventional warehouse scanners for the first time. It allows the usual work with the so-called "terminal emulation" while the new TIS software stands ready in the background. Per function key, the module "Loading Space Documentation" gets activated. On the display of his mobile device the employee receives precise directions about what to do and can capture photos without having to leave the emulation.

Background of the new development is the prevalence of terminal emulations in storage and handling environments. Terminal emulations allow direct access to central host systems via radio link without the necessity of software and data being stored on the handheld. The disadvantage is that terminal emulations do not support the technical possibilities of modern warehouse scanners - such as the photo function. In the past the fast, simple and reliable documentation of the proper load securing with a terminal-emulation therefore was not possible. The new software module of TIS is solving this problem.
When creating the photos, the image file will automatically be linked to the data that are needed for further processing - for example, the bordereau number. The user interface of the module can be set individually. For example, two shots of the truck bed and other optional pictures, for example, for the documentation of the cargo securing, can be preset.
After collection, the data are stored in a desired location on the PSV3 server or can be stored directly on an FTP server for further processing without the PSV3 server. The simplified flow leads to a complete documentation of the loading and unloading process. This provides better protection against compensation claims and for example in case of controls much better proof that guidelines for cargo security and other requirements have been complied with.

Another new item TIS shows is the telematics system PSV3 for Android. This also allows the use of conventional smartphones as terminals. As examples TIS presents the rugged devices from Motorola of the types MC40 and TC55. Both devices have been developed for commercial use. The same applies for the Tablet PC Motorola ET 1, which TIS will also show on their stand. For all three models TIS has also developed an ergonomic scan handle. This means that the Android devices are ready for uncompromising use in the warehouse and present themselves as a low cost alternative to conventional warehouse scanners.

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