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Telematics Case Study Forwarding Agency John

Order in Orange

The Situation

Forwarder John is a medium sized freight forwarding and logistics company, operating nationally as well as internationally. In addition to the warehouse space with over 100,000 square-feet John forwarding features a 100,000 square-foot logistics warehouse.

For the barcode scanning of incoming and outgoing shipments, the company uses over 50 mobile mobile computers from Motorola (since 2015 Zebra) equipped with the mobile telematics software PSV3® (since 2015 TISLOG). Most of them are only active at night, when the 70,000 square-foot transshipment hall serves as the central hub of the cargo cooperation CargoLine.


The Task

The forwarder was looking for a space-saving solution without any clutter to store and simultaneously charge about two thirds of the devices unused during the day and asked TIS GmbH for advice.

The Project Implementation - First order of this kind

The solution offered by TIS includes three clean and lockable metal cabinets with a capacity of 20 scanners each. The devices are fixed accurately in five rows one above the other and connected to robust outlet strips with power supply. They are fed from a central transformer, which makes the many bulky chargers usually in use unnecessary. In addition, the cabinets have electrical ventilation that provides for a largely dust-free storage behind the Plexiglas doors.

"This solution creates order, is very compact and also saves us the acquisition of more than 50 individual power supplies," says Aleksej Dolheimer. After all, for professional hand-held scanners chargers are listed as single items on the price list and can now be waived cost-effectively. In addition, the energy efficiency of the three main transformers is significantly higher than the solution with individually switched-on power supplies. Another argument is the easier maintenance: The cabinets can quickly be cleaned with a wet wipe, while the individual chargers are very sensitive to moisture. "The cleaning of individual charging stations was therefore much more difficult in the past,” notes Dolheimer.

The special furniture in orange comes from England and was specifically designed for the Motorola MC9590 (since 2015 Zebra), for which the forwarder had decided at the generation exchange of their mobile data terminals.

"Our contact had seen the cabinets recently at a trade show and was able to provide us with brochures," Dolheimer recalls.
Two weeks later the order for a three closets came in at TIS - as the first order of its kind for the Bocholt telematics specialists.


The Benefits

space-saving storage and simultaneous charging
no cable messes
theft protection with lockable cupboards
dust-and moisture-proof storage

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