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Rescue cards can save lives

Rescue card sticker from TIS

Rescue Card Sticker

January 31, 2017

The rescue card - initiated by the ADAC - can save lives.

What is a rescue card?

Each vehicle is designed in a different way and all new models nowadays have protective components, such as airbags and reinforced body parts.

What protects you in the event of an impact can subsequently become a problem for the first responders when trying to rescue passengers from the accident vehicle.
For example, it may be difficult to cut reinforced parts in order to free the entrapped passengers from the vehicle. Non-triggered airbags can cause serious injuries when triggered afterwards. It is therefore imperative to avoid triggering after the accident.

This is where your rescue card comes into play.

The rescue card contains valuable information on the design of your vehicle, which makes it easier for first-time assistants to release people from the vehicle.

The rescue card should be stored behind the driver's sun visor in the car.

Rettungskartenaufkleber der TIS GmbHThe rescue card sticker is an important reference for the first responders that a rescue card can be found in the vehicle. It should be fixed from the inside in the lower left corner of the windshield (without blocking your view).

TIS will provide your personal rescue card sticker via mail as a thank you for signing up to our newsletter.

Here you can download your rescue card on the ADAC website.

Alternatively, the download is also available on the website of

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