1st Marketplace for Bocholt companies and organizations

Bocholt companies and associations meet for a day of very special trading

Gute Geschäfte für Bocholt

May 16, 2017

Since the introduction of weight-currencies in the Middle Ages in the form of precious metal coins, money is regarded as the exchange tool for goods and services.
But what happens when today this medium of exchange is completely dispensed for once? Then the “Marktplatz für Bocholter Unternehmen und Organisationen” (marketplace for Bocholt companies and organizations) is held and the participating companies and associations successfully conclude a whole series of unusual exchange transactions. This happened last Thursday in Bocholt.

The trading day, which was unparalleled in Münsterland so far and hosted by the city of Bocholt for the first time this year, focused on the mutual exchange of services and assistance without money being involved.

Approximately 200 people from more than 70 associations, institutions and companies gathered in Bocholt. Within an hour, the organizations and associations concluded deals with regional companies from Bocholt and the surrounding area, following the example of speed dating. The subject matter of the various exchange transactions were time or noncash benefits.

At the same time, the non-profit participants of the associations and organizations had made a lot of progress with creative solutions and costumes to draw attention to themselves. The hour set for the event was narrow. In many cases, the parties would have liked to talk for longer. But the first contact could be made at least.

The unusual concept is not entirely new. It was invented in the Netherlands and successfully practiced more than 400 times in Germany over a period of more than ten years.


Gute Geschäfte auf dem Marktplatz Bocholt

Our colleague, Peter Int-Veen, also participated in the inspiring exchange in Bocholt and was able to conclude several interesting transactions for TIS:

Rettungshundestaffel (rescue dog team) West Münsterland of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund e.V. trades first aid training for technology

The rescue dog team agreed to carry out a first-aid training session with interested TIS employees on a Saturday. In future summer festivals, TIS will also be served from the field kitchen of the rescue dog team.

In return, as far as technically possible, TIS will rig the IT infrastructure of the emergency vehicle (GPS, TISPLUS telematicbox Truck, notebook wiring, mobile printer ...).

Possibly, the vehicle is also suitable as a test vehicle for our mobile logistics solution TISLOG. The discussion of the details had to be postponed to a new appointment directly at TIS, due to the lack of time, which both sides already look forward to.

Büngern-Technik from Rhede is exchanging marketing advice for training

Büngern-Technik from Rhede is committed to the integration of people with disabilities into working life. In the in-house workshop, among other things, wedge plates for adjustable slats are produced.

For this and other proprietary products, the association will receive marketing advice from TIS free of charge.

In return, there is a training program for personality development for apprentices and young employees - the so-called perspective training. The training takes place on 3 x 3 days in the workshops of the Büngerntechnik. Qualified mentors accompany the training and are subsequently available for a confidential reflection phases.

Instrumentalkreis Lowick e.V. exchanges sponsorship of club premises

The IKL was looking for sponsors at music events. TIS will design and produce suitable truck advertising banners.

In return, TIS is allowed to place its own logo and an advertising note on the truck banners in order to become more prominent in the region.

In addition, the club offered, e.g. the club premises for use at summer festivals or, if interested, to organize music workshops (drums / percussion) with the "Tissis".

Gute Geschäfte auf dem Marktplatz Bocholt

Peter Int-Veens Conclusion

"Overall it was a very interesting event and I was really amazed by the creativity of the participants - it was really fun."

The organizers of “1. Marktplatz für Bocholter Unternehmen und Organisationen" have also rated the event as a" full success ".

According to the press release, the marketplace concluded with a result of "64 mutual commitment arrangements, which included 158 noncash benefits services and approximately 1,127 hours of time".

"We did not expect this result. Our expectations were exceeded," says Rainer Howestädt, honorary coordinator of the city of Bocholt in the official press release.

In the future, the exceptional offer for companies and charitable organizations will be repeated. If you do not want to miss the next event, keep yourself updated on www.gute-geschaefte-bocholt.de.

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