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TIS GmbH at LogiMAT 2024

Topics that are presented at LogiMAT

The logistics trade fair LogiMAT takes place in only a few weeks. We will have an own stand again. In this newsletter, we will inform you about the topics that will be put in focus. Furthermore, we offer free LogiMAT tickets to you.

LogiMAT: March 19 - 21, 2024
Hall 8, Stand A03

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For the team of TIS
Markus Vinke and Fabian Bielefeld
- Managing Directors -

The topics of this issue

Recording working times of drivers

Driver time recording in TISLOG | TIS GmbH

The Dutch working time law for truck drivers is one of the most complex in the EU. It is therefore very important that the working hours of the truck drivers’ can be recorded very precise and detailed.

Time recording in TISLOG
When recording time in TISLOG, the working times are formed from the data from the TISPLUS telematicbox truck and the TISLOG mobile enterprise solution. The employees in the office are able to see the exact working hours in TISLOG office Infodesk with start and end times per activity. They can also have a look at further information such as traffic jams, police checks, coupling/uncoupling etc.

Digital instruction of drivers

Digital instructions of drivers with TISLOG | TIS GmbH

All entrepreneurs who are responsible for transports (e.g. forwarding companies or tour operators) are legally obligated that their transports do not infringe against the drivers rights.

TISLOG Tacho Archive
TISLOG Tacho Archive enables the identification of the reason for the infringements. With this, the company is able to work on it to prevent further infringements.
The data of the Tacho Archive should be controlled on a regular basis.In case of any infringements, the entrepreneur is able to act promptly for example with trainings or instructions for the driver.

This is how the digital drivers instruction in TISLOG works
The drivers instruction in TISLOG helps the companies to oblige their responsibilities in an easy way. The infringements that are shown in TISLOG Tacho Archive are sent to the drivers mobile device together with an instruction. The drivers can have a look at it, add comments and finally sign it on the device. Afterwards, the signed documents can be found in the TISLOG journal so that the entrepreneur has an access to it at any time.

Gutschein, Messe, Eintritt, Messeeintritt, Voucher, EN

Statistics of toll

Toll calculation | TISLOG logistics software

Statistics for toll calculation
The additional toll calculation function of our TISLOG logistics software offers you detailed statistics on all relevant toll data. This includes, for example, the kilometers of the entire tour and the corresponding toll kilometers. These statistics are sent automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Tour Planning and Autodispo

TISLOG Tour Planning and TISLOG Autodispo

TISLOG tour planning does not only cover short-distance traffic anymore but also long-distance traffic. It is a big advantage that different kinds of transports can be displayed in the software.

How does the TISLOG Tour Planning work?
First, the order data are recorded in a partner tool. Afterwards, the data are sent to TISLOG via remote transmission so that the tour planning can be started. For this, the expediter assigns the order to the vehicles by drag and drop.
As soon as the tour planning is done, the tours are sent to the mobile devices of the drivers. The drivers are then able to work through the tour stop by stop.

Which advantages brings the Tour Planning in TISLOG?

  • Different transports can be planned in one tool
  • Telematics and tour planning can be found in one tool, telematics data can be used for the tour planning

You want to organize your tour planning more efficiently? At the same time you want to standardize your projects? Then the TISLOG Autodispo could be interesting for you.

TISLOG Autodispo
TISLOG Autodispo helps you to generate tours automatically to a certain point in time. The software works with the data that are available to this time. Furthermore, it is possible to create different areas for orders and to lodge different start times for the tour planning. Besides this, it is also possible to lodge certain operating times and attributes to vehicles which should be considered. As soon as the tours got built, including the optimal order of stops, the orders will be assigned to different vehicles. An manual intervention is possible at all times.

The advantages of TISLOG Autodispo at a glance

  • Offers tour planning to a certain point in time
  • Considers different requirements
  • Manual interventions are possible
  • Saves working times and costs
  • Reduced CO2 emission due to less kilometers

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