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The highlights you should not miss at LogiMat 2015

TIS GmbH exhibiting at LogiMAT 2015

January 28, 2015

Events such as the LogiMat 2015 offer the perfect opportunity to take a look behind the scenes, to ask questions and try out products. If you are interested to learn more about TIS in practice, you should not miss these highlights at the LogiMat.

Don't miss these highlights at LogiMat

Lecture: Complete delivery tracking for the customer


Speaker: Wolfgang Kammhuber, CEO of TIS customer himolla Logistik GmbH in Taufkirchen

himolla Logistik GmbH handles 2,500 to 3,000 cubic meters of goods per day. In 2014, the company's own fleet of 35 trucks were equipped with the mobile order management software PSV3 by TIS and handhelds from the TIS-device portfolio. The software was also specially adapted to the needs of himolla.

The aim of the change was to reduce the paper burden involved in archiving and to achieve complete documentation of the entire supply chain.

With the introduction of PSV3 not only this goal was met.
Today by the optimized documentation customers enjoy transparent delivery processes at himolla. The company also benefits from meaningful evidence on complaints, returns and collection attempts. In the first week after the introduction of PSV3 five customer complaints could be resolved: seamless and in favor of himolla. The freight forwarding company for upholstered furniture plans to introduce additional components of TIS.

At LogiMat you have the unique opportunity to learn more about working with PSV3 directly from a practical user.

Wolfgang Kammhuber, Managing Director of himolla Logistik GmbH, will report on the practical work with PSV3 in his company in his Lecture: "Complete delivery tracking for the customer."

Event Title: The customer - in focus across channels

(Emotional marketing - in real and virtual worlds)

Lecture: Complete delivery tracking for the customer

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
10 - 11:30 a.m.
Trade World Forum, Hall 5, Stuttgart

After the lecture we invite you to gather more information on PSV3 directly at booth A03 in Hall 7.

More information about himolla Logistik GmbH working with the PSV3 logistics solution can also be found in our case study.

TISPLUS Hardware AccessoriesAdded value has a name: TIS-Plus Accessories

Before new handhelds from different manufacturers are included in the TIS portfolio our specialists evaluate their new features and benefits to our customers. Every now and then the inventors at TIS - with the view through the lens of years of evaluation experience in industrial equipment - occasionally discover conceptual weaknesses in the devices.
That is when the smart TIS Plus hardware accessories come in. They compensate vulnerabilities or - even better - deliver completely new and not previously present additional benefits for handling.

One of the major challenges involved: With the exception of the WAP models our accessory products must be designed to ensure no interference with the design of the device itself. Only by this it is possible to maintain all warranties of the original hardware for the customer.

Over the years we have discovered that manufacturers put a lot of energy into the evolution of devices. Accessories on the other hand usually plays only a minor role. This means that the accessories available from manufacturers often are not very useful.

Identifying customer needs - developing solutions

As a provider of complete logistics solutions it is one of our great strengths that we follow the daily lives of our customers closely, identify our customers’ needs and respond to them.
Therefore, we also know that a lot of mobile data collection devices truly work in practice only by added clever accessories.
Thus, for example, we at TIS have created the reader for driver cards - the answer to a European requirement that is not even known in the US, the country of origin for many handheld devices and accessories.

Always a favorite, and thus always to the test in our development department: Ergonomics for professionals in the warehouse and on the road.
TIS-bestsellers, such as trigger handles and vehicle cradles, on the one hand are easy to operate with one hand and come along with other useful additional functions, such as battery charging functionality or mechanically securing of the device.

The product development - from concept, through development to market release

Although not every idea matures into a marketable product, our boffins do not get tired to always to seek after new developments, under the motto "Nothing is impossible!”
Prior to the eventual market release often stands an extensive process of designs, prototypes and heavy duty and other tests. These are held in our own test laboratories.
In the next step, the practical field test is performed, often directly and in consultation with selected customers.
These tests and user feedback are incorporated into the final design of every accessory product.

Part of the development are also all the necessary checks to ensure the fulfillment of legal requirements.
These include, for example, the requirements for CE marking or, where appropriate, ECE-approval for admission on installation in the vehicle.

More info (German language only):

Some new developments, such as our  GunGrip for Motorola MC40 can be found live at LogiMat 2015.
Come visit us at our booth and test our TIS Plus accessories - which by the way are only available at TIS.

Do you already have questions? Our sales colleagues will be happy to answer them.

Process optimization on the ramp: load space documentation

Software module Load Space Documentation | TIS GmbH

Flexibility and ease of use are the main features of our mobile order management software PSV3.
Its modular design allows to adapt it to different logistical circumstances and changing legal requirements in logistics at any time.

Our basic software is complemented by a number of useful extensions in a modular system. These are developed further constantly by software experts at TIS. In addition, new modules are added regularly.

Here again we look right into practice. Our modules simplify complicated or error-prone processes and thus support the quality assurance and efficient planning of transport processes in your company.

PSV3 - modular design for maximum flexibility

The module "load space documentation" is one of those useful add-ons.
The documentation of critical points, such as the loading situation before unloading the vehicle, securing cargo during loading or occupied and free loading spaces with our module can be integrated directly into the loading and unloading process.
Stacks of paper and fiddling around with hand-held cameras are a thing of the past.
By linking photos, tour number, different selectable statuses and additional information together also your headquarters do not have to wait long to receive all necessary data gathered in one convenient file.

PSV3 by TIS works seamlessly with other order management systems.

At LogiMat in a live demo we introduce you to the work of PSV3 with Komalog®, the transportation management software of our partner TransData.
Take advantage of the opportunity to try out PSV3 yourself and learn how to gain better of control your processes, plan the utilization of tours more efficiently, avoid empty tours and can reach more better proof when dealing with complaints - all with PSV3!

Do you already have questions? Our sales colleagues will be happy to answer them.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

Please give us a call:

+49 2871 2722-0

Or send us an e-mail

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