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Die Wirtschaftsmacher 2019


Nationwide image campaign "Logistikhelden" will start soon

March 25, 2019

The Swiss coffee maker brews aromatic coffee from Costa Rica. Allgäu yoghurt and butter are stored in the fridge, next to it the ham from Spain, on the kitchen cupboard fresh strawberries from Brandenburg and bananas from Colombia. The delivery guy has just delivered the pre-ordered rolls to the door, while the dryer from China dries the Italian designer T-shirt wrinkle-free.
Logistics is the pulse of today's consumer habits in the world, also in Germany. However, the public image does not reflect this significant economic and social role of the industry.

In Germany, the keyword logistics is rather associated with annoyances, such as trucks occupying the hammer lane or delivery vehicles that block exits, parking lots or fire hydrants in city traffic.

The transport and delivery sector accounts for only about a quarter of all possible logistics services. In 2015, for example, 53% of logistics workers in Germany worked in warehousing and transshipment, 26% were engaged in transport and delivery activities, and as many as 21% of employees worked in the commercial and administrative sectors.1)

"Logistics, with more than three million employees and a turnover of 263 billion euros [...] is the third largest economic sector in Germany. However, much of the supply chain management and logistics activities are invisible to the general public." [Figures from 2017] 2)

That's what “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” want to change.

With the initiative, the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL) appeals to companies, associations and media and invites them, with the help of their networks, communication channels and financial commitment, to work on improving the image of the logistics sector in the future, according to the motto: Wir sind “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” (We are "The Business Makers”).

The Federal Association is supporting in the logistics industry extensively; for example, it also launched the Tag der Logistik (Day of Logistics).


The image campaign “Logistikhelden” (Logistics Heroes), which is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2019, was developed together with well-known advertising agencies. It is intended to initiate a large-scale movement across the entire industry and beyond, aiming not only for an image change and greater acceptance, but also for more public interest in the logistics industry as a whole.

It is planned to present people from all sectors of logistics as heroes of everyday life on billboards, in ads, on social media platforms and other media channels.

Focussed on impressive facts, such as the number of meals and medicines delivered to crisis regions or the number of customers served by a driver and the number of kilometers driven, the performance of all employees involved in the logistics is intended to be transported into the public awareness. At the same time, the range of selected "logistics heroes" represents the diversity of careers within the industry. Thus, the campaign also wants to attract the interest of potential employees throughout Germany to follow a career path in the logistics industry.

"Die Wirtschaftsmacher" already find much attention and support. The industry's interest in a more positive public perception as part of the desired turnaround in skills shortages and in the political zigzag of laws and regulations, from traffic to future technologies, is great.
We too, the TIS GmbH, take part as supporters. After all, as an IT provider with our solutions for mobile order management, we are also part of the logistics industry. Also at TIS you will find the logistics heroes.

Anyone typing in the title of the currently planned image campaign "logistics heroes" in the search engines gets a first impression of the diversity and commitment of the companies and associations already involved in the campaign.
If you want to become part of the initiative as a corporate, ideological (associations and associations) or media partner or just want to find out more about "Die Wirtschaftsmacher", you can find more information HERE.


2) Source: ÜBER 35.000 MENSCHEN BEIM TAG DER LOGISTIK, Verkehrsrundschau, April 20, 2018

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