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Geofencing in TISLOG

Geofencing in TISLOG for GPS-based automation of logistics processes

October 24, 2021

Geofencing in der TISLOG Logistiksoftware

Satellite-controlled positioning of trucks can be used for automating various processes in logistics that are usually controlled manually. This reduces the workload of both drivers and dispatchers and ensures greater transparency during transport. With the help of geofences, areas in the geographic space are enclosed by virtual boundaries. When a geofence is reached or crossed, certain software-controlled actions can automatically be prompted. For example, alarms triggered by geofencing can help to immediately detect and quickly respond to deviations from planning.
Today, we will show you the geofencing feature in the TISLOG logistics software and explain the possible applications.

Creating geofences in TISLOG

In the TISLOG logistics software, geofences can be created either manually by a TISLOG user or automatically by linking a street address. In addition to the dependency on address data, areas and corridors can also be setup with geofences.
A prerequisite for the use of geofences is GPS data for determining the location of the vehicle/driver.
The fleet must therefore be equipped with capable telematics devices.
Our telematics boxes for trucks and trailers and mobile enterprise smartphones for order management are suitable for this purpose.

Geofencing - application options in TISLOG logistics software

  • Reduced workload and seamless flow of information at the depot

    If a depot is setup with a geofence, the tour and ETA calculation for the estimated time of arrival at the individual stops can start automatically once the truck leaves this area. As soon as the depot is approached again and the truck reaches the geofence, the software automatically performs all the necessary steps for the tour end. The driver no longer has to carry out these actions himself. He can focus on his task as a vehicle driver, while a seamless and error-free flow of information is automatically ensured by TISLOG.

  • Support during the tour

    Various processes on the road can also be facilitated with geofences in TISLOG.
    For example, if the truck reaches a stop address for loading or unloading and stops there, its arrival is automatically registered when it reaches the corridor marked with geofencing.
    Subsequently, further workflows, such as processing the stop or displaying important information in the software, can be started without manual intervention. Once the truck leaves the geofence again, the stop is automatically marked as completed, the approach to the next stop is started and the ETA is updated.
    These automations during the tour help to ensure that the dispatcher can always see the current status of the tour and that the driver himself has to perform fewer tasks in the TISLOG mobile app.

  • Alarm generation in TISLOG in case of deviating stops

    Geofences can also be set up for areas that are not part of the planned tour. These include gas stations and workshops, for example. If the vehicle stops in a so-called "stop geofence", the Alertboard automatically generates a corresponding message. This can either be displayed in TISLOG office or sent by e-mail. The message informs the dispatcher in the head office that the planned tour has been interrupted, the driver does not have to call in or write messages.
    The delay in the planned arrival time can be taken into account automatically.

NOTE: Truck-trailer detection in TISLOG

TIS GmbH also offers truck-trailer detection via GPS. Here, the locations of vehicles and load carriers are compared. If the same GPS data is sent by vehicle and trailer over a certain period of time, the TISLOG system recognizes a truck-trailer combination in that and couples the vehicles (e.g. a tractor and a trailer) with each other.
You can find more information about the truck-trailer detection in TISLOG here.

Geofencing in the TISLOG logistics software can also be used for other actions.
You can find more information about this in this article: Various possibilities with geofences in your logistics


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