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Fleet management at KP-Logistik

KP-Logistik optimizes order and fleet management with the telematics solution TISLOG

The Situation

The logistics service provider KP-Logistik, active in Germany and Denmark, plans to optimize its order and fleet management with the telematics solution TISLOG. The focus is on the order-related consumption measurement of vehicles operated with liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Task

In addition to measuring the fleet's LNG consumption, the transport service provider also aims to record and document pallets and shipment status as well as to monitor driving and rest times. In addition to their own fleet, the permanently employed subcontractors should also be integrated into the solution developed by TIS and TISLOG is planned to be connected to the Navision-based forwarding software used by KP-Logistik.

The Project Implementation

Already in February the first vehicles will receive TIS telematics boxes, which will be connected to the CAN bus interface and the tachograph during a short workshop visit. The entire fleet is equipped with Samsung tablets on which the TISLOG telematics app runs. The drivers of the subcontractors are also connected to the telematics solution via app and tablet, allowing KP-Logistik to track every order seamlessly.

The Benefits

Reliable LNG consumption measurement
Order and status information from fleet and subcontractors available centrally
Optimized work processes on the road and in the warehouse
Central control over compliance with driving and rest times

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Case Study KP-Logistik

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