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TISLOG mobile Enterprise Logistics App

TISLOG mobile enterprise logistics app for mobile Android devices

One app for all tasks in long-distance and direct transport

TISLOG mobile Enterprise | mobile Fahrersoftware

Bocholt, July 2, 2020

Chasing paper, telephone calls and incomplete communication usually lead to frustration and annoyance not only for customers in the logistics business and can damage your image as a service provider.

Manage your processes 100% digitally and free yourself from paper mountains. Save valuable time by making fewer phone calls and stay up to date on the status of every delivery, problems and delays so that you can intervene in time and also provide your customers with comprehensive information.

Give your drivers an app that is easy to use and significantly simplifies the acquisition and exchange of information across systems on the go - TISLOG mobile Enterprise.

Strong through high flexibility

The mobile application can be specially tailored to the needs of long-distance transport.
With the help of many modules, it can be flexibly expanded with numerous functions and can thus be adapted to any requirement. For long-distance transport, for example, modules such as departure control, document photography, refueling, driver's license control, driving time control and speedometer archiving are available.

The application guides your drivers in a user-friendly interface through all the information necessary for the loading and unloading process. Important order processing data can be collected directly at the source and further distributed to various systems.

For data exchange and management of mobile devices on the road, our web-based Infodesk Control Center and Mobile Device Management are available at your headquarters.

TISLOG mobile Enterprise can look back on 20 years of development history and is constantly being further developed in close exchange with our customers, experience from countless projects and practical use on a daily basis.

Many useful extensions

With numerous modules, our software becomes a Swiss Army knife for your logistics.
The modules available for long-distance transport include:

  • TISLOG Logistiksoftware | Fahrermail

    Driver Mail

    Not only, but also for documentation purposes, written communication has advantages compared to telephone calls. With the "Driver Mail" extension, your drivers and dispatchers communicate with each other directly from the application. Upon request, employees can receive the messages in their native language, even if they all speak different languages.

    Documents and photos as well as messages can be conveniently transferred back and forth between the driver and headquarters.

  • Abfahrtkontrolle | TISLOG Logistiksoftware

    Pre-trip inspection

    The documentation of the pre-trip inspection is required by law. Our module "Pre-trip inspection" considerably simplifies this documentation and makes the process completely paperless. If problems are identified during the tour, your drivers can take photos directly in the application and forward this information directly to various places.

    The "ready to drive status" including the driver's signature is also documented in the digital departure control. With the driver's signature, all recorded data is then available in the Infodesk web portal for archiving or further processing at your headquarters.

    You can find more information about this add-on in our free webinar "Pre-trip inspection".

  • Tachoarchiv | TISLOG Logistiksoftware

    Tacho Archive

    This module assists you in the legally compliant archiving of the speedometer mass storage and the driver card data.

    The speedometer data is regularly read remotely and stored in the tacho archive. In addition to the mandatory archiving, TISLOG can automatically generate vacation/ absence certificates and instructions for violations.

    Successful instructions are documented and archived. In this way you will never miss an appointment and can always prove that you have fulfilled your archiving obligations.

    Learn more about our module in the free webinar "Tacho Archive".

  • Führerscheinkontrolle | TISLOG Logistiksoftware

    Driving License Check

    As a fleet operator and owner of the vehicles in your fleet, you are obliged to ensure that your drivers all have a valid driver's license and to check this at regular intervals. The module "Driving license check" supports you in automating this check. Your drivers do not have to go to the head office. The control can be easily carried out and documented with our module on the go.

    You can find more information about this add-on in our free webinar "Driving License Check".

    Other available modules include document photography, recording of exchanged and non-exchanged loading tackle, printing, recording of activities that are not recorded using the digital speedometer and refueling, to name just a few.

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility | Logo

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility from TIS

TISLOG, the logistics software for your order management on the road and in the warehouse, integrates all logistical processes, from order processing over seamless tracking of goods to comprehensive fleet management. The modular product range offers components for the mobile terminals of your drivers and your head office. The system can be individually adapted to your IT infrastructure and your logistical requirements and also enables the integration of temporary charter contractors. The system can be connected to existing TMS via interfaces and data from TISLOG can be used.

Did you know?

With TISLOG, you can also integrate subcontractors into your IT infrastructure in no time, all without data storage on the end device and thus in any case compliant with data protection requirements.

Learn more in our free webinar "TISLOG mobile Smart"

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