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TIS Newsletter November 2015

Terminal Emulation Wavelink
for touch-based devices & TIS telematics for Smartphones

TISLOG Logistics Software Now Available for Smartphones


November 2, 2015

Touch-based devices such as smartphones and tablets have already entered the logistics and intralogistics world. So far, however, Terminal Emulation has still required a terminal with keys. People working in the warehouse as well as on the road therefore needed two devices to be able to capture all data. With "Velocity" our partner Wavelink has now created a solution that allows you to pick up your mainframe computer with all of its functions on a touch-based device. Terminal emulation goes smartphone, you might say. So does TISLOG! These brand new developments we introduce to you in our newsletter. Also learn more about our new telematicboxes in long distance traffic - and where and when we will celebrate our 30-year company anniversary in 2016.

More details now in this newsletter - enjoy reading!

for the team of TIS
Josef Bielefeld / Peter Giesekus
– Managing Directors –

The topics of this issue

TISLOG mobile logistics software for Smartphones

If you have visited us at the trade shows this year, you probably already know our new TIS product family. We have expanded our TISLOG logistics software with Android-enabled and browser-based solutions, so that today with TISLOG mobile our proven telematics solution is available in versions for all modern mobile devices. Whether permanently installed in rugged industrial devices or as a web app for smartphones - at TIS we let you decide, which hardware you want to use.
TISLOG mobile thus also runs reliably on all mobile devices with HMTL5 browser. Full functionality included: scanning, mobile order data processing, damage documentation, GPS positioning, signature capturing and more - TISLOG offers all the features you need for fast flowing logistics processes. Also on the smartphone.

Here you find more information about our logistics software.

Have questions about our software? Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you.

Wavelink und TIS Telematik-Lösungen

Velocity from Wavelink: Terminal Emulation for touchscreens

Previously for the Terminal Emulation a mobile terminal with keys was always necessary to operate the mainframe computer also from the warehouse. So far anyone who has been working on the road with touch screen devices already, still needed key-based devices in the warehouse also to capture the data for the mainframe computer there. With "Velocity" our partner Wavelink has now created a solution that allows you to pick up your mainframe computer with all of its functions on a tablet or smartphone.
Velocity converts the text-based information of the host system automatically into the intuitive touch interface of the mobile terminal. With all the advantages of touch-based navigation, such as simple taps, swipes and pinches of windows. That makes it easier for your employees to navigate the screen and speed up data entry.
The "pure" terminal emulation remains the technical basis, so that in existing IT structures, nothing needs to be changed.
Wavelink thus now enables your employees, to use the usual devices with touch screens also for the collection of data in the warehouse. One device is fit for two working environments. Now you can use your touch-based devices from the cargo traffic in the warehouse overnight - and save hardware costs.

If you want more information, please contact our sales colleagues.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

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Two new telematicboxes for long-haul and trailer telematics

Our telematicboxes have experienced a thorough re-launch and come with brand new features: While our telematicbox Truck 2 Premium provides comprehensive telematics data for dispatching and fleet management, telematicbox Truck 2 Locate ensures for more efficient trailer fleet management.

The telematicbox Truck 2 Premium

is equipped with a powerful GPS receiver and a separate SIM card. It can be installed across manufacturers in all trucks and be connected via the FMS interface to the CAN bus or via the information interface to the digital tachograph.

This info interface also sends data when the engine is not running and supplies your dispatching department reliably and at any time with data of driving, working and rest periods that are automatically evaluated permanently by TISLOG office. Dispatchers can easily control, when and where their drivers have made breaks and when they were driving. Other features include, for example, a halt report and driving style assessment.

The telematicbox Truck 2 Locate

allows reliable positioning of the trailer independently of the tractor. They continuously delivers Geo data to the control center, allowing routes and downtimes of the semitrailer to be tracked. This facilitates the management of all trailers, regardless of whether the tractor works with TISLOG or not. Do you want to know more? Then read our blog post.

Do you have questions about our telematicbox Truck? Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you.


4th Innovation Forum Telematics & 30th anniversary

Next year we have our 30th anniversary. To celebrate this accordingly, this time we will host our innovation forum with top-class contents in the award-winning four-star Landhotel Voshövel. In addition to a spa, the hotel offers excellent ambience right between the Rhine, Nature Park and World Heritage Site. Just the place to share expertise and network in a relaxed atmosphere with practitioners and experts from the industry. (And you can be sure that we Tissis know how to celebrate!)

Mark May 18 - 19, 2016 in your calendar already - we are looking forward to meeting you!

The complete program will be announced soon. If you want to secure your spot already due to the limited number of participants, you can book here.
You will already find more information about the event on our unsere event website.

More events in 2016

They meet us at numerous trade events in 2016 - mark these dates in your calendar already:

  • Logimat, Stuttgart March 8 -10, 2016
  • T-Matik, Greven May 10, 2016
  • 4th Innovation Forum Telematics May 18 -19, 2016
  • Annual BWVL convention in October 2016

Our trainee is becoming specialist for system integration


Since August 1st, Daniel Klump has started an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration. Currently, he supports our customers, but of course he will also get a taste of other departments and learn how customer-specific software and hardware solutions can be implemented. Daniel Klump already brings an excellent foundation for this task area, because he has successfully completed his diploma in Information and Communication Technology (Electrical Engineering). In his spare time he enjoys playing football and is very interested in video games.
We warmly welcome Daniel to our team! By the way: Interested parties can apply for a training position in 2016 already!

See you again in Advent

That's it from us with news for this fall!
In Advent we will contact you again and will bring more news from the TIS!
For comments, requests or suggestions regarding this newsletter please do not hesitate to contact us.

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