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TIS GmbH expands company headquarters

TIS in new dimensions

Anbau der TIS GmbH im Technologiepark Bocholt

Bocholt, February 26, 2020

Some customers and partners who are in close contact with us have certainly already noticed: TIS continues to grow, in the truest sense of the word. The last growth spur occurred in 2013 when we moved into our new company headquarters in the Technology Park Bocholt, called TIS Tower by insiders.
The building provided our team, back then 45 people strong, with generously calculated space for up to 60 employees. Less than a decade later, that capacities have now again been exhausted in the new premises.

That is why owners Josef and Fabian Bielefeld as well as managing director Markus Vinke decided last year to again invest over one million euros in the location in the technology park and to have the company headquarters expanded with an extension.
The adjacent property was then bought from the city and the foundation stone for the additional building with a usable area of ​​500 square meters was laid at the end of 2019.

Construction is currently proceeding in a manner that is adapted to the current situation. The move into the extension, which will be connected to the TIS tower via the stairwell, elevator and roof terrace, is currently prospected for August 2020.

Anbau der TIS GmbH im Technologiepark Bocholt

Photo: Shell construction on the end of February 2020

The project is not just about more space for the team, which has now grown to 77 colleagues, and the optimization of work processes. In the meantime, promoting young talent has also become an integral part of our philosophy at a rapid pace. As of late summer, already ten trainees will be employed in the fields of IT for application development and system integration, IT system electronics and industrial clerk. They will all be employed at TIS later.

Another important aspect was and remains the topic of work-life balance in our company. TIS already offers various bonuses for employees, such as massages, sports and leisure activities. This offer is to be expanded in order to strengthen the personal bond of the employees to their professional environment in our family company in a comfortable way.

In addition, more flexible workplaces are planned to be created, for example standing workplaces that employees can use temporarily with a laptop when they need a quiet spot to focus on important tasks.
The “TIS Café” and a relaxation room are being created for the colleagues on the upper floor. For the first time, with the café a larger, friendly room, will be provided, where staff can take meals undisturbed and take breaks or hold small celebrations.
Just as the TIS tower, the roof terrace of the extension will also be equipped with a photovoltaic system, which will take up about half of the roof area. The electricity generated will be used to power four charging stations for electric cars. The other half of the roof terrace will also be available for employees to use.

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Telematik Nachrichten der TIS GmbH aus Bocholt


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