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Loading equipment management in TISLOG

Loading equipment management in the TISLOG logistics software

Lademittelverwaltung in der TISLOG Logistiksoftware

March 23, 2021

In logistics, loading equipment and containers such as pallets, lattice boxes, drums or crates are indispensable for the transport of goods. But for many companies it is difficult to keep track of these loading devices. Freight forwarders therefore often use a software-controlled solution for loading equipment management, such as the solution from TIS GmbH, for more control over their loading equipment.
Are you looking for efficient management of your containers and pallets?
Then our loading equipment management in the TISLOG logistics software is the perfect solution for you.

Various recording options with the loading equipment management in TISLOG

Various account types can be created in TISLOG's loading equipment management, for example customer and driver accounts. The individual bookings can be recorded using mobile devices/ scanners, a web application or interfaces. In the event of errors, corrections or the creation of new, subsequent entries are also possible.


This is how loading equipment management works in TISLOG

Extensive options are available to you in TISLOG, from loading equipment swap to return.
In the case of local transport loading, the loading equipment is debited to the company or driver account. Loading equipment is shown with a shipment reference and loading aids with a tour reference.


Local transport

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel-Bearbeitung

Debiting the loading equipment on company/ driver accounts

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel

Registration of loading equipment

Loading equipment swap

If a loading equipment swap is executed on the tour, this can be shown clearly. To do this, the swap itself is first recorded and then confirmed with a signature.
In the latest version of our software, photos can now be captured and saved for even more comprehensive documentation of the loading equipment related to a particular shipment. If, for a specific reason, no swap takes place, this can also be noted by stating a reason (for example, "Damaged" or "No empties"). If the loading equipment is not exchanged during a delivery, the customer's account is automatically debited with the loading equipment. On the other hand, if no loading equipment is exchanged during collection, the driver or subcontractor account will be debited with the loading equipment.

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel

Loading equipment swap booking dialog

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel-Differenz

Specification of non-exchange reasons

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel-Unterschrift

Confirmation by signature on the device by authorized personnel

Return of loading equipment

Bei der Lademittelrückführung am Depot muss der Fahrer zunächst das Tourende in der Software initialisieren. Im anschließenden Lademitteldialog kann er dann die Menge der zurückgeführten Lademittel eintragen. Anschließend muss die Rückführung nur noch durch autorisiertes Personal mittels eines Barcodescans bestätigt werden.
Sollten Sie TISLOG auch für Ihre Entladescannung nutzen, kann die Abfrage zur Lademittelrückführung auch erst nach der Entladung erfolgen.

When returning loading equipment at the depot, the driver must first initialize the end of the tour in the software. In the subsequent loading equipment dialog, he can then enter the amount of returned loading equipment. The return then only needs to be confirmed by authorized personnel using a barcode scan.
If you also use TISLOG for your unloading scanning, the query about the return of the loading equipment can only take place after the unloading.

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademitteldialog

Loading equipment return dialog

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittel

Quantity of the loading equipment that is being returned

Loading equipment registration without tour reference

Die Lademittelerfassung kann auch ohne Bezug zu einer Tour erfolgen. Dafür wird der Lieferant aus einer Liste ausgewählt und anschließend die Menge der Lademittel eingetragen. Diese Angaben werden dann durch die Unterschriften des Mitarbeiters und des Lieferanten bestätigt.

The loading equipment can also be recorded without reference to a tour. To do this, the supplier is selected from a list and then the amount of loading equipment is entered. This information is then confirmed by the signatures of the employee and the supplier.

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Lademittelkonto

Selection of the supplier and details of the amount of loading equipment

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Unterschrift Mitarbeiter

Loading equipment signature dialog employee

Lademittelverwaltung in TISLOG | Unterschrift Lieferant

Loading equipment signature dialog supplier

Loading equipment reports in the TISLOG logistics software

Reports with all relevant information can be generated for documentation or archiving of the loading equipment management.

The following information is included

  • Delivery run sheet number
  • Order number
  • Vehicle
  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Signer with status and time
  • Captured signature
  • Entire delivery list

Free webinar on loading equipment management in the TISLOG logistics software

Loading equipment management in TISLOG | Webinar

If you are looking for more information about our loading equipment management, we recommend our free webinar on the topic.

You don't have time for a webinar, but would like to find out more about loading equipment management in the TISLOG logistics software?
Then contact us directly! We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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