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Digital driver’s license control

Available from TIS GmbH: Digital driver's license control with TISLOG and NFC


Bocholt, April 14, 2020

One of the central duties of vehicle owners and fleet managers is to check the driver's license of company vehicle drivers. There is no explicit legal regulation for the way of implementation. Nevertheless, according to the STVG (§ 21 Paragraph 1 No. 2, Paragraph 2 No. 1, Paragraph 2 No. 3), you as the vehicle owner and fleet manager are obliged to ensure that no one drives your vehicle without a valid driver's license, and to control it on a regular  basis.
No law regulates how often "regular" is. Orientation is therefore only possible on the basis of different judgments with very different levels of penalties for infringements*.

With our TISLOG module for the digital driver's license control, we offer you the possibility to carry out this control digitally, to document it and to have fleet managers and drivers automatically reminded on a regular basis.

This is how the paperless driver's license control from TIS works

The module consists of an uncomplicated application in the TISLOG driver software and a small NFC chip**. The commissioning of the chip and registration by the scanner are done in just a few minutes.

Tip: Ideally, you should archive a photocopy of the document after the driver has consented to this step with his signature in accordance with the GDPR.

The glued chip has a unique code assigned to the original driving license. A manipulation of the chip is not possible, because every attempted manipulation destroys its readability.
Data protection is also not a problem, because no personal data is stored on the chip. Even if third parties read the chip, they see nothing but a number with no further reference to other data. The coupling of the chip number with the personal data takes place only in an encrypted way.

Once the chip is attached to the driver's license, the driver is then regularly asked by the system via the tablet or scanner in his vehicle to scan his driver's license (the NFC chip) in one very easy step.
The scan provides evidence that the driver is still in possession of his driving license.
As the vehicle owner, you are able to define the time intervals for the scan reminders yourself.

All controls and alarms for overdue controls are clearly displayed in the Infodesk web portal. You can individually set appointments and reminders in our web portal youself.

The advantages

  • Straightforward interface for the maintenance and control of all data
  • Central overview: Control also possible from a distance (for example, from your headquarters), no matter where your drivers are
  • No manipulation of the data possible
  • Reduced paperwork, completely digital process without media breaks including revision-proof archive
  • Inexpensive, time-saving and seamless handling of the control, notification if due controls have not been carried out

The electronic driver's license control from TIS GmbH makes it easier for you to automatically fulfill your statutory inspection duties.

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*e.g. Judgment district court Munich of 21.10.2016 (Az. 912 Cs 413 Js 141564/16) and judgment BGH (Az.VRS 34, 354), (BGH 6, 362; BGH VRS 12, 51; BayObLG DAR 1968, 212; OLG Hamm VRS 31, 64; OLG Oldenburg VRS 31, 155; OLG Frankfurt NJW 1965, 2312.

** NFC (= Near Field Communication) is a specification of RFID technology and differs from it in several respects: An NFC connection can only be established over very short distances (1-4 cm), while RFID has a significantly longer range.


Learn more in our free webinar "Driver's license control"

In this webinar, you will learn in detail how uncomplicated the driver's license control works with TISLOG.


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