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Windows Server 2008 from TISLOG Release 8.07.00 no longer supported


Bocholt, April 30, 2020

For customers who host TISLOG in their own network, it is time to update outdated operating systems: With the rollout of TISLOG version 8.07.00 in August 2020, Windows Server 2008 will no longer be supported and our software will therefore no longer be able to run on this system.

Why is TIS ending support for Windows Server 2008?

In January 2020, Microsoft ended its support lifecycle for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Since then security updates for these products are no longer available.
This increases the risks to data security in your company network in the event of future technical failures and attacks under Windows Server 2008.

We therefore endorse Microsoft's recommendation to upgrade to a newer version of Windows Server as soon as possible. The security of your network will benefit from this. At the same time, if you host our software in your own network you will also be open to new TISLOG releases with a more current version of Windows Server.

A connection to the central TISLOG server is not possible with TISLOG installations on Windows Server 2008. However, such a connection is required by some TISLOG features, such as the repair registration via our module "inventory list". Further developments, such as the ability to push information to Infodesk, are also not possible with Windows Server 2008, but with newer versions. Windows Server 2008 is therefore also no longer supported at TIS GmbH, because this would limit the further development of our software, while we want to ensure that the functionality in our logistics software can continue to develop and new features can be added.

NOTE: Customers who use our cloud solution are of course not affected by the restrictions in the operability of the TISLOG summer release under Windows Server 2008.

Upgrade definitely recommended, but possible without time pressure

TISLOG versions up to June 2020 (June 8th) and before will still be able to run on Windows Server 2008 and TIS will continue to issue patches for these versions.

This means, if you cannot or do not want to upgrade to the latest version of TISLOG by August you are not under time pressure, at least with regard to the availability of an executable version of the TISLOG logistics software (and security patches for it).
However, new functions that will be available with the 8.07.00 update will not be available in older versions.


TISLOG in the Cloud

Did you know that TISLOG is also available in the cloud?

As an alternative to self-hosting, TISLOG is also available via cloud hosting.
High availability, regular updates and high security of our servers are just a few advantages of this solution.

Would you like to learn more about our cloud hosting for TISLOG?

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

Please give us a call:

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