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TISLOG Community - Together successful into the future

Bocholt, 19. August 2019

Any businesses who want to operate competitive and economical these days have no choice but to continuously question, expand and optimize their processes. Constant change determines our everyday life and technological progress sets the pace.
In the past, innovation was usually concocted behind closed doors. But anyone who tries to push progress forward on their own faces various disadvantages and may even be overtaken by the competition at the end of the day.

What individual companies can not handle on their own can be achieved together.

At TIS GmbH we strongly believe that to be true. For this reason, we have been providing our telematics interface for free for some time now.

Shared management of storage space and enhanced coverage through networks are just two of many examples that show how rethinking is now spreading across the entire logistics industry.

Successful together. That's what makes the basic idea of ​​the TISLOG.Community so interesting for many users.

What is the TISLOG.Community?

The community is the logical consequence of the entire work of TIS GmbH and the cooperation with our customers. In addition to TIS customers, it also extends to other manufacturers and developers of products for logistics.

The biggest advantage of the community for our customers?

Configurations, workflows and enhancements are available to all members of the TISLOG.Community. Success proves us right: TISLOG users are among the most innovative and successful players in the European logistics market.

The joint work of the community results in state-of-the-art, flexible products with stable performance and extremely extensive functionalities that continue to grow. Therefore, requirements often do not have to be commissioned for development, but are usually already available by default and can also be configured individually. Bug fixes and extensions automatically benefit all customers. All this saves time and money.

The TISLOG.Community is met by a large and experienced team of qualified developers at TIS GmbH, who collect the impulses from the community and incorporate them into the optimization of existing features and the implementation of new functions.

This is how the community works

During the project implementation at our customers, we work on the basis of logistic practice, and have done so for decades. The result is TISLOG, a practical universal solution that impresses with its detailed functions and the configurability of thousands of parameters.

In this way, our customers already profit from the effects of the TISLOG.Community when the software and modules are compiled according to the determined requirements.
In case a required functionality does not yet exist, our developers stand ready to close this gap seamlessly.

This creates further potential within the community: If the desired innovation proves to be generally useful for the software, it is possible to reduce the cost portion for the individually programmed part by making the finished result available to the community. The result is a solution that fits every requirement like a glove, with an attractive cost ratio compared to 100% individual programming.

Conclusion: As a customer, you can benefit from the community on many levels.
As a TISLOG user, you have access to the benefits of the community. Every customer is invited to participate in the community. You alone decide what your commitment looks like and how far it should go.

TISLOG.Community - together successfully into the future.

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