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Telematics boxes from TIS

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Telematics boxes - Smart helpers for automated data exchange on the go

Bocholt, August 28, 2020


Fig .: Automated entry and exit booking with the help of geofencing and telematics boxes from TIS using the "telematicbox Solar" as an example

Telematics boxes are robust hardware accessories for transfer of data from a container, swap body or from the truck. The collected information can be used for statistics and process automation. With the help of telematics boxes it is possible, for example, to automatically process the entry and exit bookings of swap bodies and trailers (see figure above).
All boxes presented here are part of our product portfolio and work together with our TISLOG logistics software. Collect valuable information from the truck for statistical evaluations, automate the entry and exit booking of your swap bodies and containers, protect your equipment from theft and manipulation with telematics boxes from TIS GmbH.

Telematics boxes from our portfolio

TISPLUS telematicbox Truck | Logistikzubehör | Telematik
TISPLUS telematicbox Truck
TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer | Logistikzubehör | Telematik
TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer
TISWARE Solarbox | Logistikzubehör | Telematik
TISWARE telematicbox Solar

Both the TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer and the TISWARE telematicbox Solar can each be used in combination with the telematicbox truck.

TISPLUS telematicbox Truck | Logistikzubehör | Telematik

TISPLUS telematicbox Truck

The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck 3 is a hardware module of the TISLOG logistics solution and enables the continuous tracking of the vehicle, the acquisition of data from the digital speedometer and telematics data from the truck board computer via the FMS / CAN interface.

The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck 3 is part of our TISPLUS accessories portfolio. TISPLUS accessories are developed and tested in-house by TIS experts.

TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer | Logistikzubehör | Telematik

TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer

The TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer for trailer tracking is the ideal addition to the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck. It features a highly sensitive GPS receiver and integrated GSM/ GPS antennas. The device enables truck and trailer to be identified and minimizes coupling errors in advance. It is supplied with electricity via the on-board network. If there is a decoupling from the main power source, the integrated battery takes over the supply. This ensures that the position data can still be transmitted for up to two weeks, even when disconnected, depending on the configuration.
The telematicbox Trailer can exchange various information with the TISLOG logistics software, which enables yard and trailer management with the fitted equipment, such as recording  yard parking spaces when parking or picking up, or parking at the customer's in TISLOG during order processing.
The TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer is another in-house development from the TISPLUS accessories portfolio.

TISWARE Solarbox | Logistics Accessories | Telematics

TISWARE telematicbox Solar

From our TISWARE hardware portfolio: The telematicbox Solar is a product of our hardware partner TE Connectivity and is used for container and swap body location. Thanks to the combination of an integrated battery and solar modules, the system is maintenance-free and can be used 24/7 at any time of the year.

The box is particularly suitable when signals have to be receivable over a long period of time without a power source, such as a truck, in place to feed the box. It is therefore, for example, a cost-effective alternative for location with the purpose of retrieval, temperature control or manipulation control on swap bodies/ containers that have been parked for a long time.

telematicbox Trailer and the telematicbox Solar at a glance

Characteristics telematicbox Trailer telematicbox Solar
Location of container and swap bodies
Semitrailer/ trailer location
Sensor technology: door contacts, temperature, motion sensor for interior monitoring
Compatible with TISLOG office
Automated incoming/ outgoing booking possible
Can be combined with telematics box truck
Equipped with battery
Equipped with solar panels
Power supply via on-board network
TISLOG Logistics & Mobility | Logo

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility from TIS

TISLOG, the logistics software for your order management on the road and in the warehouse, integrates all logistical processes, from order processing over seamless tracking of goods to comprehensive fleet management. The modular product range offers components for the mobile terminals of your drivers and your head office. The system can be individually adapted to your IT infrastructure and your logistical requirements and also enables the integration of temporary charter contractors. The system can be connected to existing TMS via interfaces and data from TISLOG can be used.

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