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Refrigeration data in TISLOG

Refrigeration data in TISLOG

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Bocholt, February 21, 2023

Our TISLOG logistics software offers the display of refrigeration data of a vehicle as well as the display of refrigeration data related to a transport. This can be done on different ways.

Display in TISLOG
TISLOG displays an overview of the vehicle sensors inclusive a temperature course. This course consists of measurements that were taken at different times. In addition, door contacts can be displayed in order to be able to compare these temperatures with the ones of the course.

Display through infoport Temperature Monitor
Another possibility to display refrigeration data is our developed infoport „Temperature Monitor“. With this, we are able to display individual functions from the TISLOG logistics software in an easy way.
There is also a specific infoport which can be integrated in third party systems. This one offers the possibility to do a temperature research. Furthermore, different filters ensure the search of certain transports to get the needed information as quickly as possible.

Readout of the refrigeration data
The readout of the refrigeration data can be done in different ways. One possibility is the usage of our TISPLUS telematic box Truck or TISPLUS telematic box Trailer. Sensors which will be connected to these box will then transfer the temperature data. But the data transfer can also be done through a built-in temperature recorder or through a linking to third party systems. The received data will be displayed in TISLOG too.

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