ETA and arrival monitor – arrival times of your fleet in overview

Always keep an eye on the arrival times of your fleet with TISLOG office Infodesk

ETA und Ankunftsmonitor in Logistiksoftware TISLOG office

September 4, 2018


Optimized overview of delivery and collection times, more reliable scheduling, better communication with your customers - the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is a very useful feature in our proven TISLOG office Infodesk Web Portal. The calculation of the ETA is based on maps of the PTV Group. The prerequisite for the ETA display in Infodesk is the use of geocoded addresses (geocoding can be booked as an additional feature in TISLOG office if needed).

The ETA is continuously calculated and updated during a tour using GPS data from the mobile terminal. Optional truck restrictions, such as traffic restrictions, as well as traffic reports (traffic jams, blockages) and driving times can also be taken into account (requires the optionally bookable features truck maps and traffic reports).

In your Infodesk user interface you can set the ETA difference to be displayed as an update as soon as the ETA changes either in units of 15 minutes or 5 km (optionally selectable). This information can also be transferred to connected systems via  interface.

The Shipment Monitor is a special TISLOG office display option. By means of the shipment monitor, the arrival time window and the truck position can be viewed, for example, directly in the TMS of major customers or by employees of different branches. The layout of this feature is adaptable to your TMS.

Arrival Monitor

Another add-on module for TISLOG office Infodesk is the Arrival Monitor (= AKM). It serves to manage the arrival times in the depot. This Infodesk tool provides an overview of arrival time and punctuality for fleets, vehicles or tours.

The ETA can be calculated for both tours and direct traffic, thus monitoring the estimated time of arrival. In the arrival monitor Infodesk users can also leave notes and comments for drivers (for example, the gate number for unloading). The driver receives this information directly as driver mail on his mobile terminal. TISLOG office Infodesk shows via message status whether the driver has already read his messages or not.

In the arrival monitor, vehicles, arrivals, departures can be classified via adjustable time intervals and viewed via allocation profiles, for current as well as past events.

The display in TISLOG office Infodesk offers various individual configuration options for your fleet or specific tours and can be individually adapted to your needs.

The ETA option in TISLOG office Infodesk is a feature that is constantly evolving at TIS.
Extensions are currently being tested, such as the manual or automatic optimization of the stop sequence, as well as an even more individually adjustable stop duration.

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TISLOG, the logistics software for your order management on the road and in the warehouse, integrates all logistical processes, from order processing over seamless tracking of goods to comprehensive fleet management. The modular product range offers components for the mobile terminals of your drivers and your head office. The system can be individually adapted to your IT infrastructure and your logistical requirements and also enables the integration of temporary charter contractors. The system can be connected to existing TMS via interfaces and data from TISLOG can be used.

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ETA and arrival monitor – arrival times of your fleet in overview

04 September 2018

Optimized overview of delivery and collection times, more reliable scheduling, better communication with your customers – the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is a very useful feature in our proven TISLOG office Infodesk web portal.


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