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Corona warning app and TISLOG


Tracing Corona: app integration in the TISLOG driver software


Bocholt, June 16, 2020

TIS GmbH supports TISLOG customers with the integration of the Corona warning app on their drivers' mobile devices.

On behalf of the federal government, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the national health institute, published the Corona warning app on June 16, 2020. It is available for various Android versions and iPhones with the operating system version iOS 13.5.1.

As the name suggests, the application is used to warn its users if they unknowingly have been in contact with infected individuals for more than 15 minutes. The procedure currently used to identify infections by means of testing through medical personnel is very complex, incomplete, prone to errors and, for various reasons, can only be applied to a comparatively small group of people, measured against the total population.
With the app, the federal government is now hoping for the voluntary participation of the general public to detect infection risks early and nationwide, in order to avoid further lockdowns and still be able to curb the further spread of the Corona virus.

Tracing without data collection

The warning software is a so-called tracing app that does not record any location data and, according to the federal government, does also not collect any other personal data. The software only uses a "digital handshake" via Bluetooth (must be activated) to detect other devices with the app and a randomly generated ID in the vicinity. According to the developers, these IDs are stored locally on the devices of the app users. If an app user is diagnosed with COVID-19, the app does not automatically know about it. The app can only send a warning if the patient stores this information in the app using, for example, a QR code from the doctor or hospital.

Subsequently, all app users who have been in the immediate vicinity of the infected person within the past 14 days are notified anonymously by the app that such contact has taken place.

Neither names, patient data or other details are collected or communicated through the app and there are no obligations tied to receiving an infection warning. Nevertheless, the federal government, scientists and doctors hope, of course, that affected users will voluntarily take appropriate measures such as undergoing self-quarantine to slow the spread of the infection in Germany.

The long-discussed aspect of data protection could apparently be implemented satisfactorily and compliantly in the app. Data protection experts also appear to be satisfied with the chosen decentralized strategy.

Here you can download the app for Android devices from the Google Playstore:

google-play-badge (1)

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Here you can learn more about how it works and the app itself.

It is still unclear whether the application will find the hoped-for acceptance or whether smartphone owners will remain skeptical and prefer not to download the app to their phone. What is currently the biggest fear regarding the virus, namely a widespread distribution, is now eagerly hoped for in terms of the app.

Anyone who has questions about installation, functionality and data protection will find a lot of useful information on the German Consumer Center website.

Corona warning app in the TISLOG work environment

For many companies, including logistics companies, who want to protect their staff as well as possible from infection, the app is now another offer to employees, of course always on a voluntary basis. The federal government is very clear on this: access must not be linked to an app requirement. With appropriate information and encouragement, however, a good number of employees will certainly be happy to contribute to epidemic protection by using the Corona warning app voluntarily.

Especially in the many fleets, which have meanwhile made the switch to digital logistics tools, there are excellent opportunities to integrate the app without much effort.
Many drivers who work with our TISLOG logistics software now use a company device that is specifically assigned to them and with it they always carry all the necessary digital tools with them on the go. This is an ideal prerequisite for the meaningful use of the Corona warning app.
Suitable solutions are also in the range of possibilities for companies in which several drivers share one device. Here, however, the possibilities depend on each individual case.

If you want to know more about the use of the Corona warning app for employees, you can find a current draft from lawyer Dr. Thomas Schwenke:
Corona warning app as a duty for employees and customers (FAQ and practical tips)?

We support our customers

In this context, we at TIS offer our TISLOG customers support with integrating the app.

Please contact us and we will be happy to check the implementation options for you free of charge.

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