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transport logistic 2015 in Munich

Reminder: Meet us at transport logistic 2015 in Munich

TIS GmbH at transport logistic 2015

April 23, 2015

From May 5 - 8 TIS exhibits in hall B2 at stand 317/518

Have you already requested your voucher for free admission as a guest at our booth? It is waiting for you with us.
The industry is on the move - so are we. This time there is a lot of news to discover at the TIS booth on transport logistic 2015.


The topics of this issue

Among others, we are holding the following topics ready for you at our booth:

TISLOG - the next generation of Telematics

Surely you are already curious about TISLOG mobile - our new and time-tested mobile software solutions we have presented in our last newsletter.
But there is still much more to learn about the current technological leap at TIS, which by far not only defines itself by the new names.

What happens to Infodesk?

TISLOG office InfodeskIf you are TIS customer and currently use Infodesk, you might be wondering whether this solution for your headquarters will remain available and whether it is compatible with our new generation of software. Let us tell you so much already: TIS does everything to make the transition to new technologies as easy and convenient as possible while keeping options for cost-effective transition solutions open for our existing customers. This also applies to Infodesk. For details, please feel free to contact our team on site at the show.
As a first overlook we have already gathered some of the most important facts for you here:

TISLOG office and Infodesk, how do they match?

TISLOG office is consequent next step in developing and improving our proven PSV3 server that all of our customers are using. PSV3 Infodesk offers an optional web interface for searches, visualized locating and order management. There are also additional Web tools available - mainly for support purposes:

  • The Observer gives a fleet overview from a technical perspective (online status, when was last seen etc.)
  • The Device Manager is an internal tool that enables software configuration and management for each device.

New and different than before: The basic version of TISLOG office now already includes a browser-based user interface.

Depending on the requirements and usage intensity there are different configurations available for TISLOG office users:

  • TISLOG office basic
    TISLOG office add-on module Infodesk
    TISLOG office add-on module Arrival Monitor
    TISLOG office add-on module Order Dispatch
    TISLOG office add-on module Tour Optimization
    TISLOG office add-on module Telematics evaluation

The functional components of the modules at a glance:

  • TISLOG office basic
    System overview / management, device management, device configuration, import / export interfaces
  • Infodesk
    Tour / job display, tracking visualization, drivers mail, activities, ETA
  • Arrival Monitor
    The Arrival Monitor is an additional module for Infodesk
  • Order Dispatch
    Order entry, scheduling, interrelating, research, statistics
  • Tour Optimization
    Route/ tour optimization, target/ actual comparison, tour statistics
  • Telematics evaluation
    Display/ evaluation of driver-time tracking, for example, remaining driving time, working time, MiLG compliant documentation, drive style assessment and tacho remote download

Did we make you curious? We are happy to explain further details and functions in person at the show or contact us directly.

Software: Telematics and minimum wage law


TISLOG for Minimum Wage Law DocumentationUsers of our telematics solution TISLOG office have access to prepared reports by which the new documentation requirements can be met for the minimum wage law. This is especially useful, if the driver receives a salary instead of wage and the actual hours related are not yet recorded.

The MiLoG is associated with considerable administrative duties. According to the law employers are required to keep records of working for all employees and temporary workers with a gross monthly salary of up to 2958 EUR. The duration of the actual daily working time of employees needs to be recorded in German language and must be retained for two years for audits. Offenses such as missing or incomplete records will result in a fine of up to 30,000 EUR.

To avoid pitfalls in MiLoG (minimum wage law), it is therefore useful to document the work and constantly compare the minimum wage to the actually paid salary. If the salary falls below the minimum wage due to overtime, TISLOG office is able to calculate several alternatives: There are choices available, such as paying overtime or keeping of overtime or annual working time logs.

TISLOG for Minimum Wage Law Documentation - Sample evaluation

New software module: loading space documentation

Software module Load Space Documentation | TIS GmbH

The add-on module allows for quick documentation of loading areas, damages and oversized shipments in turnover. The corresponding solutions are fully integrated into the regular workflow, so that employees can easily document available spaces and all special cases in the handling of cargo, without having to put the terminal or the scanner aside. The created pictures of the loading area can be manually completed with information on the number of available free spaces and automatically be linked to the vehicle.

For this purpose, the loading documentation provides advanced capabilities to capture data during the documentation process. If necessary, up to 10 data fields are available.

The module can be easily connected to all major TMS and with other features not only ensures the simple analysis, but also a secure evidence, for example, in case of claims for compensation. The solution can also produce so-called "XML files", simplifying the connection to adjacent IT systems. Within the XML file also the name of the logged in user can be transmitted. This automatically documents, who captured the image of the loading area to simplify clarification of later requests.

Other topics at our booth:logos

TISWARE Hardware

Hardware innovations of our partners Honeywell and Zebra:
Zebra (formerly Motorola) presents the new generation of professional smartphones with the Zebra TC70 /75.
Honeywell offers solid investment protection by future-ready features in the new Honeywell CN51.

Software for camera-based shipment tracking

Camera-based tracking for freight forwarding, warehousing logistics and parcel service turnover. With the innovative system solutions from our co-exhibitor DIVIS the whereabouts and condition of each individual item can be determined in seconds.

TISPLUS hardware accessories

Of course we also show you the latest TISPLUS hardware accessory products, such as professional accessories for tablets with unique features for use in harsh everyday forwarding - developed by our experts at TIS. We make tablets fit for use in logistics. Visit us and find out how.

Your voucher for free admission to the fair is awaiting you

Our exhibition team is looking forward to meeting you!

To avoid long waiting times, we suggest to arrange an appointment with one of our colleagues at the fair in advance with us.
Make sure as a guest at our stand to request your voucher for free admission from us.

Contact us!

+49 2871 2722-0

Or send us an e-mail


You are also cordially invited to the TIS stand party!

May 5/ 6 and 7, each day from 6 p.m. at the TIS booth

Touch glasses with us after successful and informative days at the trade show and finish off the event with a freshly drawn Augustiner Edelstoff beer or alcohol free drinks. Also enjoy our band BLUE TIS performing live at our booth.

See you - at transport logistic 2015!

You will find us in hall B2 at booth 317/518

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