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Dangerous goods transport digital with TISLOG mobile Enterprise

Bocholt, October 21, 2019

TISLOG mobile Enterprise, the logistics software for mobile order management, guides your drivers through all dialogues easily and intuitively. This makes operation by new employees child's play and long training is unnecessary.
In addition to the typical functions for order processing, such as tour start, tour end, delivery status and signature, TISLOG mobile Enterprise offers various upgrades for special applications.

One of these applications we introduce to you today:

Digital handling of dangerous goods transports

The advantages

• Reliable documentation of all relevant information and fast availability for all involved parties
• Complete fulfillment of all requirements for transporting dangerous goods through predefined dialogues
• Paper savings through digital documentation

The following functions are available in TISLOG mobile Enterprise for the handling of dangerous goods transports:

Identify dangerous goods directly via the Tourmenu


If dangerous goods are part of a consignment, the data supplied by the forwarding agent via EDI to TISLOG via various interfaces also includes the dangerous goods information for each consignment/ package concerned.
In the tour menu, the driver can easily get a quick overview of all dangerous goods for all shipments on his tour by clicking on "Dangerous Goods & Tour Info". As soon as a consignment has been delivered, it is also displayed to the driver as "delivered".

The function is already in use with several TIS customers in Europe and has the advantage that the driver no longer necessarily has to carry dangerous goods transport documents in printed form.

Summary (aggregation) of same UN numbers


On May 17, 2018 the Regulation on Electronic Freight Forwarding Information with Annexes of the European Commission entered into force, which allows to carry transport documents electronically.
For dangerous goods transports, the following steps are carried out digitally and automatically in TISLOG: Summary (aggregation) of the same UN numbers according to the Dangerous Goods Directive ADR 2019, Article 5.4 ADR on the transport documents to be carried along (transport document, container or vehicle packing certificate, written instructions, etc.).

When the hazardous goods information is displayed on the mobile terminal, the duplicate UN numbers are compiled correctly if the UN number, substance name, packing group are the same.

Dangerous goods display


Under "Dangerous goods display" the dynamic dangerous goods list is located, which can also be configured and thus extended.
The list contains all information on the goods transported in accordance with Directive 5.4 ADR agreement (transport documents to be carried), which are sufficient for the fire brigade and police in Europe.

Dangerous goods totals


Dangerous goods totals are listed and displayed per transport category. This provides both the driver and controlling authorities with a quick overview of transport categories, dangerous goods points and tunnel restrictions.

Dangerous goods indicator in the shipment info


If dangerous goods are part of a consignment, the addresses to be delivered in the tour info are given a dangerous goods indicator.
With the info button, the details of the consignment, including the dangerous goods-related information, can be viewed by the driver.
In addition to the shipment info, affected stops are also marked with a dangerous goods icon.

With the dangerous goods labeling in TISLOG mobile Enterprise, drivers and controlling authorities as well as the police and fire brigade have immediate access to all information relevant for the transport.
In this way, the driver can yield restrictions easier and no longer needs to carry a flood of papers along.
Controlling authorities quickly get all the essential information about the transport via the mobile terminal and can thus verify the correct handling of the transport (securing, marking, maximum weights, etc.) as reliably as with paper documents.

TIS customers who use the Dangerous Goods functionality in TISLOG mobile Enterprise are very satisfied with the leaner processing while complying with all legal regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods.
The digital version simplifies and streamlines the process, saves paper and keeps the information ready in compact handheld format at all times.

Are you interested in our software or are you already using TISLOG and would you like to extend your application with digital dangerous goods processing?
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