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Bocholt, September 7, 2019

TISLOG MDM for mobile device management has been developed for the special requirements of logistics companies.
Unique: TISLOG MDM has been optimized for various Android devices from well-known and reputable manufacturers.
The software is a component of our TISLOG logistics software, which is suitable for virtually every need due to numerous modules and flexible configurability, especially in general cargo and freight transport.

With the help of mobile device management, all mobile terminals in circulation in the company can be managed, configured and, for example, maintained with updates centrally from one place.
Thanks to intuitive user guidance, operation is child's play. The software can be used immediately. It allows to define user rights, bundles and facilitates the updating process, new backups and inventory of existing ones, as well as the registration and setup of new devices.

Features include easy and secure management of master data, removing data from stolen or lost devices remotely, logging out devices, and deleting corporate data, extensive reports and log files with graphical analysis capabilities, and many other useful features.

With TISLOG MDM you can

  • Configure and restrict user rights (e.g., allowed apps on the device)
  • Make remote updates
  • Inventorying (remotely removing data from stolen or lost devices)
  • Log in and log out devices centrally
  • Manage master data centrally
  • Support users of the mobile device quickly and centrally

TISLOG MDM is suitable for organizations with their own and other fleets.
TISLOG MDM makes you independent of third party providers. Incompatibilities or outdated features are issues that have nothing to do with the TISLOG environment, where all components come from a single source.
You can easily make your adjustments using drag & drop and test your settings directly in TISLOG office Admin, without the need for a real mobile device.

Examples of setting options for the MDM Agent on the mobile device

  • Auto-start an application
  • Add third party applications to the launcher
  • Switch firewall on / off & allow applications
    Simple generation of staging packets (packages include the mobile software including the configuration for the mobile device. Each device can be configured with different functionalities)
  • Language settings
  • Orientation Landscape / Portrait
  • Customizable report settings

If despite the extensive functionality of our modules you ever miss a feature, please talk to us! The TIS developers specialize in adapting our software to very specific requirements. This not only saves costs compared to the individual programming of a completely new software, our agile project management also saves time.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

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TISLOG MDM for mobile device management has been developed for the special requirements of logistics companies.


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