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TISLOG Logistics Software – App Comparison

TISLOG mobile Apps - Do you know the difference?

TISLOG Logistik Apps von der TIS GmbH

October 28, 2017

For our TISLOG customers, we have 3 different apps available for truck drivers. TISLOG mobile PSV3 (TLmP), the tried-and-tested Windows (6.5) version, we will leave out today and take a look at the differences between TISLOG mobile Enterprise (TLmE) and TISLOG mobile Smart (TLmS). Also, now new: TLmS can now also capture digital signatures.


The Topics

App comparison:

TISLOG mobile Enterprise and TISLOG mobile Smart

TLmE and TLmS have many similarities and that is no wonder, because they are based on exactly the same source code! Nevertheless, there are essential distinctive features, because the two apps are intended for different purposes!

Real app, required installation

TISLOG mobile Enterprise

  • App also operable „offline“
  • Adjustment to device hardware (e.g. scanner)
  • Data storage on device
  • A data protection agreement with the driver is necessary
  • Driver is guided through individual processes by the software
  • Operating system: Android
  • NO permanent online connection to company network necessary
  • For the daily use in long-distance traffic and system logistics
  • License model SaaS billing with assigned vehicles OR
  • License model Software purchase

Web app, runs in any modern Browser

TISLOG mobile Smart

  • Web app only operable online
  • NO adjustment to device hardware
  • NO data storage on the device
  • NO data protection agreement with the driver necessary
  • Driver voluntarily/ cooperatively operates a standard procedure
  • Operating system: any (Browser solution)
  • Permanent online connection to company network necessary
  • Suitable for application in charter traffic (e.g. sub contractors)
  • License model SaaS billing with variably assigned vehicles OR
  • License model SaaS billing per transaktion

3 examples of differences in detail

Photo resolution

TISLOG mobile Enterprise

  • The desired photo resolution is set directly via the camera driver

TISLOG mobile Smart

  • Via a simple algorithm, images are scaled down to reduce the amount of data transferred


TISLOG mobile Enterprise

  • Is controlled by the app

TISLOG mobile Smart

  • Driver must have voluntarily activated GPS


TISLOG mobile Enterprise

  • App also remains active in the background and collects GPS data

TISLOG mobile Smart

  • The browser must remain in the foreground to collect GPS data. When calling another app, e.g. navigation, GPS data will no longer be recorded

Our recommendation

TISLOG mobile enterprise for long distance traffic and system logistics

We recommend TISLOG mobile Enterprise for drivers and subcontractors, who drive regularly for you - whether in long-distance traffic or in system logistics.

TISLOG mobile Smart for charter traffic

TISLOG mobile Smart is the first choice for drivers you charter for individual tours in long-distance traffic or for special trips. TLmS can be conditionally suitable for processing overhangs in general cargo traffic.

Let us advise you!

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility | Logo

TISLOG Logistics & Mobility from TIS

TISLOG, the logistics software for your order management on the road and in the warehouse, integrates all logistical processes, from order processing over seamless tracking of goods to comprehensive fleet management. The modular product range offers components for the mobile terminals of your drivers and your head office. The system can be individually adapted to your IT infrastructure and your logistical requirements and also enables the integration of temporary charter contractors. The system can be connected to existing TMS via interfaces and data from TISLOG can be used.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

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Digitale signature now available in TISLOG mobile Smart

Finally good news for all TISLOG mobile smart users.
Now your drivers can also get digital signatures from end users.
This is what it looks like:

Are you interested in our products or have questions?

Our sales staff will be happy to assist you.

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