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TISLOG software for your mobile order management

Logistics software and shipping software work together to ensure a seamlessly controllable flow of goods from production to the final consumer.

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Logistics software and shipping software

Shipping software and logistics software are software systems that serve the planning, management and control of order processing and product movements along the supply chain. This includes not only the transport and delivery processes, but also internal movements (intralogistics).

The terms shipping software and logistics software are often used synonymously and can not clearly be distinguished.

Historically, the first forwarding software primarily supported the dispatchers in their duties as "freight brokers”. In the 1970’s the primary objective of the dispatchers was to clarify by telephone, which carrier can quickly and conveniently transport a particular product from A to B. Accordingly, the first shipping software supported the optimal organization of freight orders from A to B.
The areas of cargo transport and warehousing were added later.

New logistics software for more complex tasks

Time windows continue to become closer, the volume of goods is ever growing in transportation. At the same time, globalization today leads to goods traveling increasingly complex ways from raw material to finished product. Also to an increasing degree the delivery path splits between various companies and subcontractors. In addition there are laws and regulations, compliance with which must also be ensured. All this increases requirements for the organizational support of the logistics chain.

During the development of the industry to being a comprehensive logistics service provider, controlling the goods from the production site over the transshipment warehouse to the end customer, software systems were expanded to take over more functions. Modern terms, such as logistics software or transportation management software have emerged - but they all basically mean the same: A system that supports logistics companies in their work processes. With features like route planning, order handling, loading equipment documentation, documentation of damages, etc.

Distinction of Telematics Software

Shipping software or logistics software primarily supports the order processing between customer and carrier. The focus is on the transport of the goods.

Telematics systems support this transportation by monitoring and controlling the truck (and driver), which transport goods from A to B. Classically, they offer features such as GPS positioning, effective monitoring of driving and rest times, fuel consumption or data for expense reports. Some systems combine the telematics functions with mobile order management in pickup and delivery, including delivery receipt, thereby creating additional added value.

With products like TISLOG mobile or the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck TIS offers solutions that supplement, optimize and support the systems in logistics and intralogistics along the entire logistics chain. Along with a large range of software and hardware solutions, consulting, support and customization of our solutions for our customers have the highest priority.

Find a list of TMS, our software is already working with here:

If you do not find your system, please talk to us. Our experts will be happy to take care  of the integration of your Transport Management System (TMS).

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TISLOG Logistics Software

TISLOG logistics software for road, warehouse and the office integrates the mobile workforce seamlessly into your IT infrastructure.
Simplified, faster logistics processes and reduced error rates optimize service quality - for satisfied customers.

TIS Hardware Services

We provide competent and complete technical support and management of your mobile devices - on demand also in the all-inclusive package.

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TIS offers selected devices that simplify, accelerate and optimize your workflow.

All mobile devices from our portfolio are ideally suited for use in the demanding everyday environment of the logistics industry.