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TIS Press Release May 2022


Software adjustment at Gebrüder Weiss: TIS tour planning solution

TIS Anwenderbericht | Neue Dispositionslösung bei Gebrüder Weiss

Bocholt, May 17, 2022

The international transport and logistics company will optimize its local traffic processes with a new developed software by TIS. 14 of 50 locations already use the new system.

The introduction of a new software at 50 locations in 15 different countries requires patience. Especially, when it comes to the main functions of daily work. In this case, we are talking about a solution for tour planning of the 40.000 local traffic tours from Gebrüder Weiss. With the help of TIS GmbH from Bocholt Gebrüder Weiss is working on a roadmap at the moment. TIS GmbH is the provider and the developer of the new solution which is an extension of the telematics solution and web application TISLOG.

Quick decisions
The positions and status data of the trucks should be usable for the tour planning department at Gebrüder Weiss. “The importance of the telemetry data has increased in the past years. Current geo positions and time differences to the planned tour because of traffic jams or other delays are an important basis of economic decisions”, says Martin Rohner, Program Manager TMS, Digitalization & Automation at Gebrüder Weiss. Expediters often have to decide within a fews seconds which vehicle can be used best for a pick up order.
Up to now, TISLOG was used as a classic telematics system. The drivers organized their mobile order management with it. The tours were planned in the transport management system CIEL and they were sent to the drivers via mobile radio. CIEL also supported the drivers with the loading of the trucks. “CIEL is highly productive and fast, but over the time it reached its limits”, explains Rohner.

Permanent enhancements
With this in mind Rohner began to look for an alternative to push the digitalization. In different steps CIEL should be replaced by modern systems.
Tour planning will be replaced by TISLOG Dispo as the telematics, the observation of driving times, the tour planning and the ETA (ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival) are already a logical unit. “Furthermore, we know TIS as an innovative company that consistently enhances its solutions. At the same time, we benefit from other users”, mentions Rohner.
In August 2020 Maria Saal as the first location from Gebrüder Weiss was adapted to the new solution. Until March 2022 ten other locations in Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary followed – among them also the worldwide biggest location Maria Lanzendorf near Vienna. At this location the expediters dispatch 4.000 transports with about 140 vehicles daily.

Easy training
Now, the whole process from tour planning to the loading up to the delivery is carried out in one software platform. Expediters and drivers benefit from an intuitive operable surface which helps to avoid mistakes. “The training of new employees is much easier now”, confirms Karl Meiringer, who leads the location Vienna since 2018.
This is also valid for the mobile scanners TC77 from Zebra which were introduced in the whole company in 2019. About 2.000 drivers were equipped with the devices delivered by TIS. “We were happy that we did not have to buy new hardware in the course of the software adjustment”, underlines Rohner.

Dynamic tour data
One key advantage of the tour planning with TISLOG is the quick availability of the dynamic tour data which help the expediters to get to a well-grounded decision. “Delays because of building lots, traffic jams or delayed receiving of goods will be shown with updated ETA data so that the expediters are able to react quickly”, says Meiringer.
His team should be relieved even more in the future as TISLOG automates more tasks such as the announcement of sendings or the calculation of street charges.

More time for public relations
The integrated functions damage documentation and load equipment management are used for quite some time at Gebrüder Weiss. An additional effect is the driver retention because “our expediters will have more time to keep in contact”, says the branch manager.
In the meantime, about 20 percent of the Gebrüder Weiss local traffic is disposed with TISLOG. By the end of 2023 all 50 locations with its 200 expediters and 2.000 vehicles will follow. Matin Rohner looks with confident to this roll out marathon. “TIS support was always excellent and they reacted really fast to problems. Together with our skilled teams, we will roll out TISLOG Dispo successfully.”

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