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TIS Press Release January 2022


Beeger switches to TIS

Pressemitteilung Beeger | TIS GmbH 2022

Bocholt, January 26, 2022

Beeger logistics has two locations in the north of Germany, Apen and Weyhe and switches its telematics solution. The company therefore invests in the solution TISLOG by TIS which should be used end of March. The reason for the change is the increased expectation of the part-load traffic cooperations – especially CargoLine - for the quality of the transmitted sending data e.g. the expected time of arrival (ETA) at the costumer. For this, TIS provides its software TISLOG on 60 smartphones that are already used by Beeger. In addition, TIS provides 10 scanners which enable an integrated damage documentation.

“TIS is known in the industry of short-distance traffic and belongs to the leading suppliers of ETA data”, explains managing director Frank Reichert. An additional advantage of TISLOG is the existing interface to the transport management system Komlag by ecovium which is used by the company. Furthermore, the TISLOG app can be easily adjusted with the help of the live configurator (

The TISLOG app leads the truck drivers step by step though the delivery process – from order receipt to delivery document. This includes a pre-trip inspection as well as a loading equipment management. “Thanks to TISLOG, we only need one system to digitize all working steps between goods receipt, turnover and delivery”, says Reichert.

Beeger has around 20 own trucks, but also uses 40 foreign trucks. It belongs to the short-distance traffic cooperations Online Systemlogistik, CargoLine, Simcargo, 24plus, Elvis and CTL. CargoLine offers its customers an ETA service that helps recipients to see the location of the sending via the CargoLine customer portal. They can also have a look at the number of stops that the truck has to go until the own delivery. But for the exact times of arrivals, the tours have to be driven as they were planned.

At Beeger, the drivers decide the order of deliveries as they have the best local knowledge. The tour planning results from the reverse order of the scanned sendings during the loading process. The scanning is done by existing smartphones or by one of the new ten scanners which Beeger bought from TIS. These new scanners are equipped with the TISLOG app and a damage documentation.

TISLOG uses the current tour data to calculate realistic times of arrivals which will then be transferred via an online interface to CargoLine. The expeditors can see real-time locations of the trucks, the times of arrivals and the collection status. These data can either be retrieved through the office portal of TISLOG or Komalog.

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