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Spedition Deussen: Zweimal sicherer

Spedition Deussen setzt auf die Telematiksoftware der TIS GmbH

Bocholt, January 23, 2013

Discreet, anonymous, paperless and almost invisible: At Deußen Logistik GmbH these features build the core of their business strategy. No wonder, hardly anyone knows about the freight forwarding company based in Cologne, although around 200 to 250 vehicles are on their way every day for the family business. Also there are eleven regional and distribution centers nationwide as well as four partner sites. The family business founded in 1990 wins new customers exclusively on recommendation.

They come from the fields of domestic and sanitary engineering, food retail and electrical engineering. References include, among others, the Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH - here especially the brand Buderus - as well as the company Hagemeyer. For the rest, the company Deußen keep a low profile when it comes to mentioning of names.

Tracing on package level

The same applies to the Transport Management System used by the company Deußen.
With a specially programmed forwarding software the approximately 180 daily distribution routes with more than 2,600 stops are planned and monitored. It corresponds to six different scanner systems, which register about 40,000 packages individually per day and - depending on the customer’s wish - are consistently traced. “Our information technology adapts to the needs and processes of our customers, who who specify and provide the scanner from case to case,” says Sven Marinesse, who is responsible for controlling.
In 2011, a new project required 80 extremely versatile and powerful radio-controlled scanners, which in nature and scope so far neither were owned by the respective customer nor the company Deußen.
“We needed a robust solution capable of extremely reliable execution and transmission of large amounts of scans” Managing Director Ronny Deußen recalls. Desired was a mobile telematics solution that worked both in the turnover hall, as well as in the truck and did not require permanent installation in the vehicles. Among the five selected providers the TIS GmbH from Bocholt convinced with the solution PVS3® and mobile data terminals from Motorola of the MC55 and MC95 type. “TIS was the most flexible supplier for us. The practitioners working there have very quickly understood and implemented our ideas, in particular the implementation of our enterprise resource planning system, says Mr. Marinesse and Mr. Deußen adds: “The technical and logistical expertise of TIS is unequaled.”

Double documentation

PSV3® is connected directly to the Transport Management System of the Deußen Logistik GmbH.
As one of the special features of the TIS solution orders are assigned to the mobile data terminals in two different ways. “We either send predisposed tours directly to the related scanner or gather them in a file pool, from which each driver gets his shipments assigned by dispatching.
In particular, the individual, more than flexible file pool module ensures a high adherence to schedules,” explains Mr. Deußen.
In this case, the local dispatching during loading decides, which orders must be processed with high priority. “PVS3® is capable of executing both versions in parallel, which allows a very flexible and individual order management,” says Mr. Deußen. In the future, the system is planned also to be used for other clients and projects. Other key features of the TIS solution include the scanning of return shipments and the integrated managementof empty returnable goods. “The menu is so userfriendly that drivers are practically not able to forget a step,” says Mr. Marinesse.
This is even more important, because at the company Deußen each tour is closely monitored and documented. Each shipment status is scanned at package level, while the actual tour process is recorded by using the GPS receivers built-in the PSV3® terminals. A server in the data center of TIS serves as a data hub and memory. But deviations from the original routes and scheduling are not only registered with the help of telematics: in addition
the drivers also report by phone call or SMS whenever changes occur. This redundancy corresponds to the high quality standards of Deußen customers. “After all, we are talking about high quality goods with time-critical deadlines,” Mr. Deußen explains and adds: “If in delivery logistics something goes wrong, the personal talk is still the fastest way.”

Paperless memory

Punctuality counts especially in the delivery to construction sites, which plays a major role for customers of the HVACR industry. It is often the case that individual destination addresses are not occupied, or returns are not provided. “Our drivers are often earlier on site than the craftsmen,” Mr. Marinesse says. In such cases, the driver immediately informs his dispatcher, who then takes care of acquiring an order of the customer. “We want to fulfill our mission in every case,” the controller says.
Each event is archived, which creates a very comprehensive documentation for many customers. “For one of our customers, each year we collect up to 40,000 deviation messages,” says Mr. Deußen.
All data, delivery slips, contracts or other documents are generally stored only electronically at the company Deußen. You will not find a physical archive in the administration offices. Significantly fewer data are generated during the nighttime delivery, which in particular at the company Deußen has a large share: With numerous recipients and clients the contract forwarder has therefore defined fixed receiving depots. The drivers of appropriate customers, generally dressed according to the corporate design, also have access at night. The benefits are measurable: “At night there is less interference, which increases the productivity of each tour and significantly lowers the cost per delivery stop,” says Mr. Marinesse. Reason enough for the company Deußen to move now around 30 to 35 percent of all shipments in the dark.

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Hintergrund TIS-GmbH

teaser-unternehmenDie TIS GmbH mit Sitz in Bocholt ist ein Premiumanbieter für anspruchsvolle mobile Auftragsbearbeitung und Telematik.
TIS steht für „Technische Informationssysteme“ und ist ein stark expandierendes Technologieunternehmen mit über 70 Mitarbeitenden und einer eigenen Abteilung für Hardwareentwicklung. Das Unternehmen entwickelt seit 1985 intelligente Produkte für das mobile Auftragsmanagement. Basierend auf Industrie-PDAs, Smartphones und Tablets hat TIS flexible Telematik-Lösungen für die Logistikbranche realisiert.
Einsatzschwerpunkte sind Sammelgut- und Ladungsverkehre mit Einbindung der Lagerlogistik und Handel sowie diverse mobile Sonderprojekten wie Gas- und Flüssigkeitstransporte, Entsorgung und die Pfandlogistik. TIS betreut mehr als 150 Kunden mit mehr als 50.000 mobilen Einheiten.

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